Ology Kids Casting

Ology Kids Casting is a talent agency based in North West England. Representing babies, toddlers, children and young performers to the age of 21, their clients are busy with modelling, voiceover and acting work.

35+ Child Acting Agencies For Teenagers & Child Actors

Child acting agencies are the best way to launch and develop a child’s acting career and help a young performer win professional work. But some talent agencies find it easier to make money from parents rather than producers. Others don’t have the contacts or reputation to get their clients considered for paid child acting jobs.

Child Extras For TV And Film Work In The UK

Has your child seen child extras on TV or at the cinema and told you they want to do that too? It may be possible, but involves a lot of lucky timing. We look at how to become a child extra for TV and film in the UK.

Child Performance Licence Regulation Issues

Child Performance Licence Regulations protect child actors and models in the UK. But parents and filmmakers rarely understand their responsibilities under the law. And now Local Authority cuts and disorganised production teams are straining an already outdated system. We take a look at some of the UK’s Child Performance Licence regulation issues.

Summer Schools For UK Year 12 Students

Summer Schools in medicine, engineering, pre-University and free courses for A-Level students join an array of sports and creative opportunities. Also included in this article is information about the programmes run by the Sutton Trust, Oxford UNIQ, Durham Supported Progression and Target Oxbridge.