Month: June 2021

  • The Abby Singer Shot: This Shot & One More

    The Abby Singer Shot: This Shot & One More

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    The definition of the Abby Singer shot is the penultimate shot of a day on a film or TV production set. It comes before the ‘martini shot’, the final shot of the day. But how did the second the last shot come to be named after assistant director and producer Abby Singer? Who Was Abby…

  • Are actors considered self employed?

    Are actors considered self employed?

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    Starting an acting career not only involves working out how to pick up the skills, experience, credits and agents to book good acting jobs, but you also need to ask yourself are actors considered self employed, and understand the implications of the answer.

  • Types of Stage Space in Drama

    Types of Stage Space in Drama

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    Wondering about the types of stage space and what they are good for? Perhaps you’re unclear why all stages aren’t the same – or maybe thought every professional stage is like the traditional one found in Victorian era theatres. Several types of stage space in drama settings are commonly in use today, even across the…

  • Acting Classes in Liverpool

    Acting Classes in Liverpool

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    Acting classes in Liverpool are a great way to access actor training without leaving home. Getting into an accredited drama school is difficult and the courses cost a lot in fees, maintenance and lost earnings. It’s possible to get into acting without drama school, but you do have to develop your performing skills and learn…