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Lucy Amos

Probationary Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), Lucy Amos gained invaluable experience working at Des Hamilton Casting and currently at Nina Gold Casting.

As Casting Assistant and Casting Associate she has worked on a range of projects including TV mini-series Gunpodwer, and feature films Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019), and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016).

The Casting Director screen credits for Lucy Amos include:

Lucy Amos’ Casting Department credits for screen productions include:

Warner Bros. Pictures – HBOMax – The Witches (2020)

Lucy Allen, Casting Professional

Lucy Allen was an actress who moved into the casting profession in 2015.

She first worked as Casting Assistant on TV series DCI Banks, and has been a Casting Associate on a number of projects including acclaimed TV Movie Responsible Child.

Probationary Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild, she’s currently a Casting Associate for Daniel Edwards-Guy (CDG).

Lucy Allen’s casting department credits for screen productions include:

  •  2021 Grace (TV Series) (casting associate – 2 episodes)
  •  2020 On the Edge (TV Mini Series) (casting associate – 2 episodes)
  •  2020 The Sister (TV Mini Series) (casting associate – 4 episodes)
  •  2020 Urban Myths (TV Series) (casting associate – 1 episode)
  •  2020/I Adulting (TV Movie) (casting associate)
  •  2019 The Cure (TV Movie) (casting associate)
  •  2019 Responsible Child (TV Movie) (casting associate)
  •  2018 The Innocents (TV Series) (casting assistant – 2018)
  • 2016 DCI Banks (TV Series) (casting assistant – 6 episodes)
Official Trailer for BBC Line of Duty Series 6

Jane Anderson, Casting Director

Jane Anderson is a Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG) who has worked in casting since 2004.

Prior to that, she gained a lot of experience of Dance photography during her degree, and then went to work in production. After travelling, she spent two weeks helping casting director Sarah Crowe while another assistant was on holiday. From there she built up experience including working as part of Di Carling’s team.

Originally a Londoner, she moved  to the North of England and now works from both Manchester and London. She became a key figure in the North West’s cultural Trustee of both Manchester’s 53Two Arts Venue and the ALRA Drama school in London & Wigan. 


Jane Anderson’s credits, which range from gritty dramas through to comedy, include BAFTA nominated and award winning productions. 

She has worked on more than fifty projects, including children’s television favourites Hank Zipzer and Wolfblood, hit comedy TV series Green Wing, and Netflix series Creeped Out.

Jane Anderson talks to Ignite Films about her extensive lists of actors and why she keeps them. She also explains the importance of the Executive Producers in the final casting decisions.

If you want to get in touch with Jane Anderson, send in an email, with ONE small Headshot and a link to showreel and CV. The email mustn’t be too heavy, so beyond the headshot include links rather than files. The emails go into Jane Anderson’s lists for review when appropriate roles come up.

You’ll find the contact details at the Jane Anderson Casting website.

Only send emails, do not reach out by phone or social media. Do not send further emails, unless you have new headshots. 

Jane Anderson believes having familiarity with the sides for a first audition is much more important than knowing the lines off by heart. By the recalls, however, you need to be off book.

For self tapes, Jane Anderson prefers to see you responding to the lines given by another human being, rather than an app. 

Keep the background of self tapes clear and distraction free, so the casting team only looks at the actor on screen.

Jane Anderson talks to James Pearson at the Collective Creative Initiative, in an in-depth interview packed with advice for actors

Jane Anderson’s Screen Casting Credits

Jane Anderson’s screen credits as Casting Director include:

Jane Anderson’s other screen credits for casting include:

Dorothy Andrew Casting

Dorothy Andrew is a Casting Director based in Ashton-under-Lyne. A Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), she has worked on a range of projects including feature film Chariots of Fire (1981) and popular TV series Hollyoaks.

Warner Bros. – Chariots of Fire (1981)

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