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Looking for your ideal acting agency in London? This article lists and summarises the agencies beginning with the letter E.

Research Before you Apply

There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to an agency. It will help you avoid scams, and make a better impression on the good agents. Have you read our article Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

Remember:  Can you see evidence that performers get regular paid work through the agency?

Eadon Management

  • Located in Paul Street, EC2A 4NE
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Was Eadon James Associates, changed to Eadon Management in December 2016
  • representing actors in screen and stage
  • Twitter feed @EadonManagement
  • Apply via the Contact form on the Contact page
  • If books are currently closed this is announced on the Contact page

EJA Commercials

  • Address in Hackney, EC2A 4NE
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • June 2019 no website, online company accounts or social media presence

Elaine Murphy Associates

  • Located in Wanstead, E11 2RJ
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established almost three decades ago
  • Applications only via the contact form on the contact page – make sure you complete every box
  • But the Facebook page doesn’t have many likes and isn’t active
  • The Twitter feed has been suspended (by Twitter)
  • There isn’t a news page

Electric Talent

  • Located in Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7PB
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Company incorporated October 2007 and still active
  • Twitter feed @electrictalent last updated 2016
  • Website didn’t work in June 2019

E L S Artist Management

  • Located in Palmers Green N13 4UY
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Incorporated 2014, dissolved November 2017

Emma Engers Associates Ltd

  • Located in Islington, N1 7GU
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established in 2010 by experienced casting assistant and agent Emma Engers
  • Active Twitter feed @emmaengers
  • All applications via the Contact Form on the Contact page
  • Good agency to target if you a talented emerging actor looking for quality guest lead and supporting roles for example – but you’ll have a lot of competition to get noticed and accepted by the agency

Eric Glass Ltd

  • Located in Notting Hill, W11 1PS
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Established and reputable theatrical and literary agent


  • Located in Ealing (W13 3BH)
  • Address and website shared with Crawfords and Green and Underwood
  • Spotlight registered
  • Applications only accepted when books open

Esta Charkham Associates

  • Located in Chiswick, W4 2NL
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded by veteran performer, casting director and producer Esta Charkham
  • Represents adult and child actors
  • Active Twitter feed @ECAagency and @EstalaChark
  • Representation page on the website
  • All child actors represented attend West London Drama Training
  • Apply ONLY by post
  • photograph, CV, any links to online showreels plus a covering letter which includes your email address

Ethnics Artiste Agency

  • Listed in Spotlight Contacts at postcode E17 5EX
  • But the website states ‘Coming soon’ – with copyright year 2017 
  • No other information found during review in June 2019

Evans & Reiss

  • Listed in Spotlight Contacts at postcode SW15 2EA
  • No website, online company information or social media accounts found June 2019

Evie Woods Management

  • Listed in Spotlight Contacts at postcode WC1N 3AX
  • Established 2013
  • June 2019 – Twitter feed has been deleted and website no longer opens

Evolution Talent Ltd

  • Located in Wembley, HA0 4LY
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Active Facebook page
  • Applications ONLY to the email address specified on the contact page
  • Include clear pictures, your measurements and your CV/resume

Excess All Areas

  • Located in Gibbs Square, SE19 1JN
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • The company was incorporated January 2005, dissolved September 2014

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