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Looking for your ideal agent? This article gives a summary of the acting agencies in London whose agency name begins with the letter J.

Always Research Acting Agencies

There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to an agency. It will help you avoid scams, and make a better impression on the good agents. Have you read our article Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

Remember:  Can you see evidence that performers get regular paid work through the agency?

J&R Associates

  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts with an address in City Road, EC1V 2NX
  • In June 2019, no website, online company accounts or social media presence for a UK talent agency of that name was found

Jackie Nicholson Associates

  • Located in Regent Street, W1B 5TD
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded by experienced agent Jackie Nicholson in 1993, with her successor Marvin Giles taking the reins in 2009
  • Film, Television, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Radio and Commercials
  • News page on the website showing client work

Jaffrey Management Ltd

  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts, which states the contact address as 74 Western Road, Romford, Essex, RM1 3LP
  • Company Director is veteran producer and casting director Jennifer Jaffrey
  • There seem to be two websites, one at and one at
  • Founded 2006
  • No social media accounts found June 2017

James Foster Ltd

  • Located in Dock Road, E16 1AG
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Modern incarnation of a talent agency which started in 1994
  • Film, Television, Theatre, Musicals, Commercials & Radio
  • Busy Twitter feed @JamesFosterLTD
  • You should be a current Spotlight member before applying
  • Applications ONLY via the email address specified on the contact page
  • Include a cover letter, current headshot, CV, and a link to your Spotlight Page
  • Also add a link to showreel or details of an upcoming show (with at least 3 weeks’ notice)
  • An agency that will consider you at the beginning of your career – but you’ll need something special to make you stand out from the huge pile of applications

Jay Green Associates

  • Located in City Road, EC1V 2NX
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • The website states applications should be through the contact form – but there isn’t one
  • In June 2019 no social media accounts were found

JDS Management

  • Located in Constance St, E16 2DQ
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Unsolicited mail not accepted at the office address – it wasn’t clear if emailed submissions are welcome, but the ‘about’ page says “Please get in touch to work with us or receive our client list.”
  • The only social media account was for instagram, but there is a news page on the website

Jessica Carney Associates

  • Located in Soho, W1F 9JP
  • Spotlight registered agency and members of the Personal Managers Association
  • Represents actors, casting directors, directors of photography, editors, line producers/co-producer, production designers, and sound recorders/mixers
  • Active Twitter feed @JessicaCarneyAs
  • The modern incarnation of a theatrical agency started in the 1940s
  • Apply ONLY via the email address on the Contact page
  • Include your CV and Spotlight link (so you must be a current member)
  • Unless you have very strong credits, you must include a link to showreel, or have an upcoming show in London 

Jewell Wright Ltd

  • Located in Southbank, SE1 9PD
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Busy Twitter feed @JewellWrightLtd
  • Founded in 2005 by James (Jimmy) and Rebecca Jewell; in 2019 became the sole director
  • Applications ONLY via the ‘Get in touch’ button on the Contact page
  • Include a link to your Spotlight CV (so you must be a current member) and any showreel footage you have

JL Associates

  • Located in Great Portland Street W1W 7LT
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded in 2018
  • Represents new graduates of professional drama schools, and experienced actors with professional credits
  • Associated with the Young Actors Agency and share the same lead agents and creative directors – Jane Murray-Watson and Louise Difford
  • Active Facebook page and Twitter feed 
  • Apply ONLY via the email address on the ‘Representation’ page
  • Include your Spotlight link and showreel

J.M. Management

  • Listed in Spotlight Contacts at an address in Wembley, HA9 7PD
  • In June 2019, no website, company information or social media accounts were found

John May

  • Listed in Spotlight Contacts with an address at Golborne Road, W10 5PR
  • But in May 2019 no website, online company information or social media accounts found

Jonathan Altaras Associates Ltd

A long standing London agency which represented the popular actor Peter Sallis until his death in 2017. Sadly, Jonathan Altaras Associates Ltd went into liquidation in April 2020.

Jorg Betts Associates

  • Located in John Street, WC1N 2ES
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Founded in 2001
  • No website or social media accounts found June 2019

Julian Belfrage Associates

  • Located in Argyll Street, W1F 7TG
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Company incorporated 1985; since his death in 1994 the agency has been run by his wife Victoria
  • No website or social media accounts found as at June 2019
  • An elite agency, so your application is most likely to succeed when you’ve won industry awards or are stopped in the street by fans

Julie Fox Associates

  • Located in Marylebone, W1B 3HH with an office in Liverpool
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Active Twitter feed @JulieFoxAssoc although it has no website link
  • Google results click through to the James Hornsby website

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