Acting Agencies In London – Q

This article lists the acting agencies in London whose name begins with Q. We also do a brief summary of what we found out about each agency.

You Must Research Before Starting Applications

There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to an agency. It will help you avoid fake agencies, as well as make a better impression on the good agents.

Have you read our article Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

Remember:  Can you see evidence that performers get regular paid work through the agency?


  • Located in Drury Lane, Covent Garden (WC2B 5PN)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Part of the Qdos Entertainment Group
  • Represents actors, comedians, presenters, directors, musicians, and writers
  • Work in film, television, radio, and theatre
  • The roster includes household names but also emerging talent
  • Apply only by email 
  • If they are interested they will watch an upcoming show or arrange a meeting
  • Don’t make a follow-up enquiry – they get too many applications

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