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This article lists the acting agencies in London whose name begins with R. We also do a brief summary of what we found out about each agency.

Don’t Start Applications Before Researching

There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to an agency. It will help you avoid scams, and make a better impression on the good agents. Have you read our article Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

Remember:  Can you see evidence that performers get regular paid work through the agency?

RBM Actors

  • Located in Lower Grosvenor Place, SW1W 0EJ
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Founded in 2007, initially as an agency for comedians and writers
  • In June 2019, the last post on the Twitter feed @RBMActorsAgency was dated March 2019, and the same for the Facebook page
  • Twitter feed @rbmactors last updated 2015

Reach To The Sky® Group Personal Management

  • Located in Old Gloucester Street, WC1N 3AX
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Website, but we couldn’t see social media or news page and looks look like it’s offering different services to a conventional talent agency

Reality Check Management

  • Located in Islington (EC1Y 8AF) and Australia
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Appears to focus on models and commercials
  • Facebook page and Twitter feed @RealitycheckM

Reality Management

  • Located in Westminster, SW1V 3RU
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Actors, musicians, singers, dancers, background artists, extras, walk-on or other performers, plus child actors
  • Twitter feed @realitymgmt
  • To apply, complete the Contact form (in June 2019 the JoinRM form was unusable)

Rebecca Blond Associates

  • Located in Kings Road, SW3 4NX
  • Spotlight registered
  • Established in 1991
  • Twitter feed @rebecca_blond last updated August 2018, as at June 2019
  • Apply via the submission page email, or by post
  • Include a CV and photograph plus a showreel link/showreel if you have one
  • Good agency to target if you a talented emerging actor looking for quality guest lead and supporting roles for example – but you’ll have a lot of competition to get noticed and accepted by the agency

Red Door Management

  • Located in Goodwins Court (WC2N 4LL) and Salford
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Busy Facebook page and Twitter feed @reddoormgmt
  • Applications by post must be sent to Manchester office
  • Emailed applications are preferred, using the contact form on the ‘representation’ page
  • Follow the instructions for supporting material needed

Red 24 Management

  • Located in Holborn, WC2B 6QX
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Twitter feed @Red24Management set to private
  • Facebook page last updated mid 2018 (as at June 2019)
  • Clicking on the website link brought up the message “Attackers might be trying to steal your information from”

Regan Management

  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts as located in Soho, W1D 3BT, but also has offices in Cardiff, Manchester & Bristol
  • Represent Actors, Presenters, Creative Professionals including Directors, Writers, Tutors and Photographers as well as Influencers and Sports Personalities
  • Also develop and co-produce film, documentaries, theatre and content
  • Busy Twitter feed @ReganManagement and popular Facebook page

RE-PM (Raif Eyles Personal Management)

  • Located in Borehamwood, WD6 2JP
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • representing adult actors, for the stage, radio, television and screen
  • Twitter feed @RE_PM
  • Graduates from accredited training establishments, as well as those with extensive experience in the industry are encouraged to submit their CV’s for consideration
  • Applications by post of email address 9on Contact page)
  • Include CV and Headshot and Spotlight Link

Ridgeway Management

  • Located in EN6 1NG
  • Spotlight registered
  • Google search result states ‘permanently closed’
  • No website or social media presence found June 2019

Roberta Kanal Agency

  • Located in Twickenham, TW2 7JA
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • The one page website gives contact details

Roberts & Day Talent Agency

  • Located in City Road, EC1V 2NXand Liverpool
  • Spotlight registered
  • Founded by veteran performer Matthew Roberts
  • West End, Regional Plays, Musical Theatre, Film, TV, Commercials Theatre and UK/International Tours
  • Active Twitter feed @robertsandday
  • Applications ONLY via email address on the Contact page
  • Send a cover letter, showreel and link to your spotlight profile

Rogues & Vagabonds Management Ltd

  • Located in Deptford, Lewisham, SE8 4RJ
  • Founded in 1986 as an actors’ co-operative
  • Actor profiles click through to live Spotlight profiles
  • Application process set out in the Join Us page
  • As at July 2019, Twitter feed @RandVManagement last updated July 2018
  • Google search result: permanently closed

The Ronnie Marshall Agency

  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts, located in Enfield, N11 2LA
  • As at June 2019, the website pages are empty and there are no relevant social media accounts active

Rosalyn Bolton Management

  • Located in City Road, EC1V 2NX
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded in by experienced casting director, marketing manager and agent Rosalyn Bolton (Roz)
  • Active Twitter feed @RB_Mgmt
  • The Contact Us page states which type of performers they are looking to add to the books
  • Applications by email are preferred
  • Include covering letter, link to Spotlight (or CV if you don’t have Spotlight), and links to footage/voice reels if not available on Spotlight

Rosebery Management Ltd

  • Located in Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established in 1984 by the late Nona Alexander
  • Actors’ co-operative agency co-ordinated by Lead Agents
  • Active Twitter feed @RoseberyMgmt
  • The Contact page shows which actors they would particularly like to receive an application from
  • All applicants must be existing members of Spotlight
  • Read the Application Guide before contacting them
  • ONLY submit via the email address given in the Application Guide
  • Explain a bit about you and why you think you’d be a good fit for Rosebery
  • Include your Spotlight link and a contact telephone number

Rose Noble Personal Management

  • Address in Eltham, Greenwich, SE9 3TQ
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • As at June 2019, the Twitter feed @RoseNoblePM was last updated October 2018
  • Company incorporated September 2016 and dissolved December 2018

Rossmore Management

  • Located in Camden, NW1 6LG
  • Spotlight registered agency and member of the PMA
  • Established in 1993
  • Busy Twitter feed @RossmoreMgt
  • ‘Representation’ tab on the Contact page
  • Apply via the contact form or by post (with SAE)
  • Include a CV, photo, and a covering letter 

Rowe Associates

  • Located in Old Gloucester Street, WC1N 3XX
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Twitter feed @AssociatesRowe
  • Applications ONLY by email
  • Send your Spotlight link – only current Spotlight members considered

Roxane Vacca Management

  • Located in Judd Street, WC1H 9QT
  • Spotlight registered
  • Founded 1990
  • representing actors in film, television and theatre
  • Active Twitter feed @roxanevacca
  • Applications ONLY via the email on the Contact page
  • Good agency to target if you a talented emerging actor looking for quality guest lead and supporting roles for example – but you’ll have a lot of competition to get noticed and accepted by the agency

Royce Management

  • Located in Beckenham, Bromley, BR3 3HS
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • TV & film to theatre to commercials
  • representing actors from the age of 4 to 90
  • Royce Management actors’ agency represents a number of children from Lucy Lovick Dance School
  • Twitter feed @roycemanagement last updated 2009, Facebook used instead
  • Adults must already be a Spotlight member and include the link in the application
  • Need to be seen – so upcoming show or a showreel link
  • For children, send an email with the information requested on the ‘Apply’ page

Russell Smith Associates

  • Located in Surbiton, KT6 4QU
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Busy Twitter feed @RSmithAssociate
  • Musical theatre performers and dancers
  • Must be a member of Spotlight before applying
  • Applications ONLY to the specified email address on the Contact page
  • Include your Spotlight link, showreel and personal covering letter

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