10 ways filmmakers endanger kids on set

10 Ways Filmmakers Endanger Kids On Set

Find out the common ways filmmakers endanger kids on set, why you should restrict your project to over 18s only, and what to consider if you don’t. Health and safety is an essential and often overlooked aspect of student films and especially hobbyist filmmakers. But when you have kids on set, the safety stakes...

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How much do extras earn tv film extras get paid

How Much Do Extras Earn From UK Films & TV?

Extras earn surprisingly little money for working on film and TV sets, despite the early starts, long hours and many outgoings. Yet you’ll still be lucky to take part. If you aren’t sure what an extra, supporting artiste or background artiste is, and want to know more about the process, head over to our...

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accredited drama schools UK

Accredited Drama Schools UK

If you’re applying to drama school, the expense, difficulty of getting a place and impact on your future career means you have to choose carefully....

Teenage actor with no experience & teen agents

How To Become A Teenage Actor

You’re fed up with homework and boring lessons and don’t know what the future holds. After watching your favourite Netflix show you suddenly realise…you’ll become a teenage actor! After all, that will be an easy and glamorous job to do and pays all the bills. What a shame that seemingly everyone else has the...

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How to Become a Makeup artist film TV professional

How To Become A MakeUp Artist

If you have a driving license, are competent in a range of makeup skills, and have the right personality to work with people under pressure, being a makeup artist in the film and TV industry could be the right career move. Page Contents Why Become A Film Makeup Artist? You’ll Need More Than Just...

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what to wear to an acting audition dress for casting

What To Wear To An Audition

You have to make good clothing, shoes, hair and makeup choices for an audition. It will affect both how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. Every decision you make about what to wear should be influenced by the type of audition you are attending. How To Dress For An Audition Read...

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Free Monologues for actors

Finding Free Monologues For Your Audition

Free monologues can be accessed by any aspiring actor. But the source you choose could impact the quality of your performance. Find out how monologues are protected by copyright, and what your search options are. Page Contents Monologue Definition Monologue Versus A Soliloquy Why Monologues Aren’t All Free Monologues And Copyright Copyright In The...

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Fake Agencies: Spotting Them Isn’t Easy!

Compiling our list of UK Acting Agencies was more difficult than we’d like because it’s so hard to tell the difference between a fake agency and a badly performing one. Our advice is to work hard for representation at a selective agency whose clients can be individually tracked as busy, paid performers. What is...

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Acting Agencies in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Acting Agencies In Belfast And Northern Ireland

We carried out a review of almost a thousand talent agencies across the UK. This page summarises our findings of acting agencies in Belfast and Northern Ireland. Research Before The Application There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to any agency. It will help you avoid scams. Also, you’ll make a...

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