Signature Model and Acting Agency UK talent agency for child actors and models and teen actors

Signature Model and Acting Agency

Signature Model and Acting Agency was established back in 2013. It’s a family based agency whose management team, including owner Jo Ahmet, gained extensive experience in all fields within the industry. Signature is a reputable talent agency for child actors and models. They represent: Ages 0-21 years Boys & girls Babies Toddlers Children Teenagers...

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COVID-19 temporary jobs & volunteering

COVID-19 Temporary Jobs & Volunteering

The spread of the coronavirus and the illness it creates, COVID-19, means huge numbers of self-employed actors, filmmakers and supporting professionals are shut indoors and unable to work in their chosen field. Those falling into the vulnerable and at-risks groups must stay at home, for their own safety and that of healthcare workers. Everyone...

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ADR Foley Sounds ReRecording SFX Sound Effects Films on a Shoestring

ADR, Foley Sounds, ReRecording, SFX Sound Effects

ADR, Foley sounds, rerecording and SFX sound effects bring life to the action on screen. Even student filmmakers benefit from experimenting with this valuable craft. You can easily overlook the importance of sound effects and clear dialogue while recording a student or zero budget film. But their absence makes a real and discernible difference...

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eBay & Amazon Purchases From China chinese sellers on amazon

eBay & Amazon Purchases From China

Ever-increasing numbers of micro-budget filmmakers are obtaining equipment directly from merchants in China and Hong Kong.  Gone are the days when such transactions relied on business contacts. Today, anyone can log in to their eBay or Amazon account and find marketplace sellers who are based in China or Hong Kong.  Choose a product, pay...

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Oxbridge Summer course open days masterclasses

Oxbridge Summer School & Open Days

Oxbridge summer schools, open days, masterclasses and outreach programmes give you insight about degrees and application processes at the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge. What Is Oxbridge? Oxbridge refers to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. These ancient higher education institutions run similarly to each other, but very...

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10 ways filmmakers endanger kids on set

10 Ways Filmmakers Endanger Kids On Set

Find out the common ways filmmakers endanger kids on set, why you should restrict your project to over 18s only, and what to consider if you don’t. Health and safety is an essential and often overlooked aspect of student films and especially hobbyist filmmakers. But when you have kids on set, the safety stakes...

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How much do extras earn tv film extras get paid

How Much Do Extras Earn From UK Films & TV?

Extras earn surprisingly little money for working on film and TV sets, despite the early starts, long hours and many outgoings. Yet you’ll still be lucky to take part. If you aren’t sure what an extra, supporting artiste or background artiste is, and want to know more about the process, head over to our...

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Teenage actor with no experience & teen agents

How To Become A Teenage Actor

Wondering how to become a teenage actor and find auditions for teenage actors? You’re fed up with homework and boring lessons and don’t know what the future holds. After watching your favourite Netflix show you suddenly realise…you’ll become a teenage actor! After all, that will be an easy and glamorous job to do and...

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How to Become a Makeup artist film TV professional

How To Become A MakeUp Artist

If you have a driving license, are competent in a range of makeup skills, and have the right personality to work with people under pressure, being a makeup artist in the film and TV industry could be the right career move. Page Contents Why Become A Film Makeup Artist? You’ll Need More Than Just...

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