What is a Foley Mixer?

Film sound - ADR, Foley Sounds, Rerecording, SFX Sound effects, foley mixer

A foley mixer adds sounds to film and TV footage during the post-production stage between filming and editing. Professional foley mixers work with foley artists and a foley editor. But for shorts and no-budget projects you’ll probably mix foley along with all other sound tasks.  Foley Mixing Cinema Sound Foley Library “How To Mix Foley” … Read more

Film Script Structure (with examples)

film script

Film script structure starts with the overall shape of your story. The order of events are revealed with purpose, defining causal relationships and shaping a view of the world and our societies. In this article we’ll take a look at Three Act Structure Real Time Structure Multiple Timeline Structure Hyperlink Cinema Structure Fabula and Syuzhet … Read more

What is the Stanislavski Method?


The Stanislavski Method is a system of acting technique for training actors that was developed by the Russian theatre practitioner Konstantin Stanislavski. The method involves an actor’s four levels of skills – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual – and focuses on a type of imaginary behaviour in which an actor gives a convincing portrayal of … Read more

How to Balance Acting and a Job

The majority of actors don’t get enough paid acting work to keep a roof over their head, but then struggle to work out how to balance acting and a job which pays the bills.  It’s a struggle which has got harder, because casting directors now set casting calls for anytime during the week, including weekends … Read more

Setting up the best ring light for self tapes

best ring light position for self tapes

Setting up the best ring light position improves the quality of any self tape, brightening your eyes, hair and skin tones, and helping even the tiniest of facial expressions bring the character to life. It’s also great for filming your first showreel with a well executed monologue. But it requires a few experiments in positioning … Read more

Great (and easy) Fake Blood Recipes

great fake blood recipes

Discover how to make movie blood with these great fake blood recipes. Warning – the page and video include images of fake blood! Every filmmaker and film makeup artist discovers how to make movie blood. Fake blood is in everything from war and zombie action scenes to fights and accidents in student short films. Commercial … Read more

Tongue Twisters for Voice Actors

tongue twister

Remember the childhood fun of struggling through ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’ and other tongue twisters? Well, tongue twisters for voice actors are just as fun, but more importantly they improve articulation by coordinating your facial muscles, lips, and your breath. The key to doing tongue twisters properly is to start slowly. Gradually speed them up, … Read more

1940s Hair and Makeup

1940s hair & makeup advice & tutorial

The 1940s is a popular era for filmmakers, so if you are a makeup artist for short films, the chances are high that you’ll be recreating this period look with 1940s hair and makeup styles. Read on to find out more about the decade of war and austerity, the New Look, and the reasons why … Read more

Ad Lib: Definition & Examples of Ad Libbing

What's an ad lib? Ad lib in acting

You’re trying to get into acting without drama school and someone mentions ad libbed scenes. ‘What’s an ad lib?’ you ask yourself, trying not to let your panic show. Fear not, it just means saying words which haven’t been scripted. But read on for examples, learn why ad lib in acting is useful, and discover … Read more

Drama School & Actor Training To Start An Acting Career

drama school & actor training start an acting career

It’s possible for young and mature adults to become an actor without drama school. And there are plenty of working child actors and teenage actors who don’t attend full time stage schools. But while actor qualifications aren’t essential to access talent agents and casting directors, acting training is an investment in your career which you … Read more