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Brennan Artists Associates is a boutique Glasgow based talent and literary agency representing Scotland based actors, writers, creatives and voice over artists for work in Theatre, Film, Television, Radio, Broadcast and Non-Broadcast Media.

The agency launched in March 2015. Director and veteran TV and theatre actress Claire Murray is Actors Agent. Many people will know her as River City character Iona McIntyre, a role she played for more than 6 years.

Michael Eliot-Finch is the Literary & Creatives Agent. He previously worked for MacFarlane Chard Associates in London, before moving to Glasgow.

Angela Darcy is the Voice Talent Agent. She came into the agency profession with almost two decades experience as an actor, singer and voiceover artist.

Brennan Artists Associates is a member of the PMA (the Personal Managers’ Association), a network of agents representing actors, writers and directors who strive to raise and maintain quality standards in the profession. It’s the sign of a trustworthy and genuine talent agency.

Contact Details


Brennan Artists Associates, 4th Floor, Cambridge House, 8 Cambridge St, Glasgow G2 3DZ


07710 973858



Online application via the dedicated website page – see below


Seeking Representation?

The Brennan Artists Associates website has a dedicated page for actors seeking representation with them, which includes the online application contact form.

The agency will only consider applications from ages 18 and over, as they do not represent child actors.

You must include all relevant training and experience. Notice the mandatory Spotlight link – if you don’t have one, this is not the agency for you.

All applications are considered and kept on file. But you will only hear if the agency wishes to progress further, so don’t make unsolicited calls.

Brennan Artists Associates Clients

Brennan Artists Associates client James MacKenzie is an experienced screen actor whose credits include River City and The Raven.

The 2021 roster of actors represented by Brennan Artists Associates included:

  • Hannah Donaldson
  • Neil Leiper
  • Jay Newton
  • Scott Fletcher
  • Shawney Henderson
  • Gavin Jon Wright
  • Firas Ibrahim
  • Matthew Gallagher
  • Amy McGregor
  • Alison Peebles
  • Fiona MacNeil
  • Michele Gallagher
  • Kevin Lennon
  • Rosalind Sydney
  • Mark McDonnell
  • Kirstin McLean
  • Dany Sabah-Rose
  • Brian James O’Sullivan
  • Julia Murray
  • Antony Strachan
  • Fiona Wood
  • Deirdre Davis
  • Joshua Haynes
  • Tori Burgess
  • Richard Addison
  • Caroline Strong
  • Éimi Quinn
  • Veronica Leer
  • Ross Allan
  • Derek McGhie
  • Barrie Hunter
  • Wendy Seager
  • Scott Miller
  • Annie Grace
  • Itxaso Moreno
  • Stephen Clyde
  • David James Kirkwood
  • Greg Powrie
  • Joanne McGuinness
  • Michael McCardie
  • Kieran McIntosh
  • Chiara Sparkes
  • Stephanie McGregor
  • Stephen Docherty
  • Simon Donaldson
  • Carmen Pieraccini
  • Matthew Joseph-Campbell
  • Caroline McKeown
  • Ramesh Meyyappan
  • Simon McCallum
  • Karen Ramsay
  • David McGowan
  • Lisa Livingstone
  • Robin Campbell
  • Steven Rae
  • Ian Bustard
  • Paul Thomas-Clark
  • Andrew Keay
  • Renee Williams
  • Harry Ward
  • Irene Allan
  • Adura Onashile
  • Paul McCole
  • Jenni Keenan Green
  • Selina Boyack
  • Joanna Tope
  • Neshla Caplan
  • Romana Abercromby
  • Maureen Carr
  • Bea Webster
  • Bruce Fummey
  • Angela Darcy
  • Crawford Logan
  • Jenny Ryan
  • Pauline Goldsmith
  • Jimmy Chisholm
  • Louise Montgomery
  • Patrick Wallace
  • Hilary Lyon
  • Martin McCormick
  • David Rankine
  • Vincent Friell
  • Morna Young
  • Natali McCleary
  • Joyce Falconer
  • James Mackenzie
  • Chris Alexander
  • Ava Hickey
  • Amy Kennedy
  • Tiger Mitchell
  • Connor Bryson
  • Tim Licata
  • Benjamin Osugo
  • Christina Strachan
  • Pauline Lockhart
  • Alex Fthenakis
  • Jo Cameron Brown
  • Angus Taylor

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