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Brown and Mills Entertainment Ltd is a UK acting agency for actors aged 4 to 95.

The agency represents child actors and young performers on the BAM Kidz roster, while the BAM Adults roster represents actors who work in Film & TV, Commercial, as well as Presenters.

All actors are registered with Spotlight, a selective casting website for actors used widely by UK casting directors.

Therefore, you have to be happy to pay the annual Spotlight fees, and actors over the age of 25 should have the training and experience needed to qualify for Spotlight membership before seeking representation with Brown and Mills Entertainment.

Only professional performers are represented, so you must be ready to learn sides at short notice, submit self-tapes, attend Zoom castings, attend live auditions and provide showreels within the tight deadlines demanded by casting directors.

You’ll also need to cover the costs of headshots and showreel for your Spotlight profile, as well as the annual Spotlight membership fee.

These requirements and expenses are normal for the industry.

The agency seeks to provide a supportive family feel for the performers they represent, handpicking talent whilst, from personal experience, understanding how important it is to feel valued as a performer. They combine attention to detail with knowledge of their talent, to fulfil the needs of each and every casting brief.

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Telephone: 020 3189 1441


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Facebook: BAM Actors

Instagram: Brown and Mills

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Seeking Representation?

All reputable talent agencies are inundated with applications for representation. Brown and Mills Entertainment is no different.

Make sure you give yourself the best chance of acceptance by applying in the correct manner and supported with all the requested supporting material.

Email applications to:

Include all the following information and supporting material:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Contact Number
  • Base
  • Link to Spotlight profile (essential if 25 and over)
  • Link to self tape audition, no more than 2 minutes

The Self-tape is your audition piece. It should include you introducing yourself to camera, facing the camera square on in portrait mode. Then move so your body can be seen straight on to camera, then turn to the side. Turning back with the camera focused square on your face, perform an acting piece of your choice.

The self tape should be a maximum of two minutes long.

Over 25s must already be on Spotlight before making an application.


BAM Kids is on our list Of Reputable Child Acting Agencies For Teenagers and Child Actors

BAM KIDZ is the agency’s child actor division, representing child actors for work in Film, TV, Theatre and Commercial productions.

The agents select their child performers carefully to find the right combination of skills, talent and personality to realistically book work in the industry.

But before applying, consider carefully whether the industry’s demands of child actors can be accommodated by your own household circumstances.

All represented child actors are expected to be regularly training at performing arts schools and drama classes.

Families are expected to provide up-to-date measurements, medical declarations, and calendar commitments. They must also work with the agency to provide suitable headshots and showreel material, and pay for the annual memberships costs for Spotlight. These are normal expectations and expenses in the industry.

As a parent, you’ll be expected to support your child learning lines, filming and submitting self tapes, getting your child prepared for zoom castings or arriving on time at casting rooms (usually in central London, sometimes in Manchester), handing over your child to chaperones at rehearsals and on set, and doing anything else required to keep your child ready to work as a professional performer at very little notice.

In addition, your child must maintain an excellent attendance record at school. Without this, production companies would have great difficulty securing the mandatory child performance license they need for each paid job taken on by a child under the schol leaving age.

If you’re not ready for this level of financial input, organisation, and dedicated time, or your family and work commitments do not allow a high degree of flexibility, then pushing your child into the industry is not a good move.

BAM Kidz Contact Details


Telephone: 020 3189 1441


Applications for representation:


If you can’t sign up for the demands of the acting world, you could consider an interesting alternative: work for child extras. However, BAM Kidz represents children and young performers for acting roles and not background work, so you’d need to obtain representation with a dedicated child extras agency instead.

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