Cast Your Friend In Your Microbudget Film

Cast your friend into your new microbudget film if you think they would do a good job. But don’t ask other actors to go through the audition process first. Why You Might Cast Your Friend The world of microbudget films is a small and interwoven one. People help each other out. Whether it’s a...

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Become A Licensed Chaperone For Child Performers

If a child is performing on stage or in film, they need to be cared for by their parent or a licensed chaperone. We set out how you can get licensed. Before An LEA (the Local Education Authority at your Local Government Offices, also known as your Local Council’s Education Department) will approve a Child...

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Child Performance Licence Regulation Issues

Child Performance Licence Regulations protect child actors and models in the UK. But parents and filmmakers rarely understand their responsibilities under the law. And now Local Authority cuts and disorganised production teams are straining an already outdated system....

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