CCA Management

acting agency

London based personal management service CAA Management was established in 1968 by the late Freddie Vale and Howard Pays. Dulcie Huston has run CAA Management since the late 1990s, with a roster of up to 85 actors.

CCA Management is a member of the PMA (Personal Managers’ Association Ltd), a membership organisation encouraging good practice for agents who represent actors, writers and directors.

Contact Details

CCA Management

24 Vestry Court

5 Monck Street



Tel : 0207 630 6303



Seeking Representation?

Submissions can only be made by post.

Send your CV and headshot, along with a stamped addressed envelope.

CAA Management Client

One of Dulcie Huston’s clients at CAA Management is Rupert Mason, here filmed reciting Exposure by Wilfred Owen.