Ceri Bedingfield

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Probationary Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), Ceri Bedingfield has worked as a casting assistant for several TV series, including Enterprice and Tin Star.

She’s also worked in casting theatre productions and on a number of feature films including Body of Water (2020) and County Lines (2019).

After drama school, Ceri Bedingfield started running a production company with friends, and from that realised she was interesting in casting productions.

As Ceri Bedingfield told Ash Taba in the full interview below, she’s glad not to have the job insecurity of actors and not be trying for a new job each week, especially as she does not like waiting for things to happen but prefers to be out making things happen.

Over the years she’s worked on commercials and short films, then with Aisha Bywaters she worked on mainly independent film with some BBC and Channel 4 projects. Then she joined Dixie Chassay Casting working on independent films. In 2020 was working for casting director Rachel Freck.

Interviews with Ceri Bedingfield

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For a full interview lasting 1 hour 33 minutes:

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