COVID-19 temporary jobs & volunteering

COVID-19 Temporary Jobs & Volunteering

The spread of the coronavirus and the illness it creates, COVID-19, means huge numbers of self-employed actors, filmmakers and supporting professionals are shut indoors and unable to work in their chosen field.

Those falling into the vulnerable and at-risks groups must stay at home, for their own safety and that of healthcare workers. Everyone must observe social distancing measures to stop the virus spreading.

For younger and healthy individuals, temporary jobs and volunteering offers a chance to pick up life experience, different skills and make a contribution to the vulnerable around us.

If you can find enough paid work, it may also bring in enough to keep food on the table.

Become Part of the National Help Service

On 24 March 2020 the NHS began its recruitment for 250,000 volunteers.

They are looking for:

  • Community Response Volunteers
  • Patient Transport Volunteers
  • NHS Transport Volunteers
  • Check-in and Chat Volunteers

For some of these roles you’ll need access to your own car or van. 

In addition, you must hold an existing DBS certificate before offering to transport patients.

But Check-in and Chat Volunteers can chat to vulnerable and isolated people from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Applications are welcomed through the goodsamapp

Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteers

The Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteers have been supporting the NHS since 2017. 

Over 20,000 volunteers have already signed up. Currently there is particular need in March 2020 for people to deliver supermarket parcels to the vulnerable.

You’ll need to be aged over 18. Any requests for your help will be based in your local community.

NHS 111 Helpline

Temporary call centre staff to assist the NHS 111 Helpline were recruited in large numbers throughout the early weeks of March 2020. 

However, keep your eyes open for new opportunities. We don’t yet know how badly the coronavirus pandemic will affect different areas of the UK. That affects the level of calls received and the numbers of call operators affected by the illness.

COVID-19 Temporary Supermaket Jobs

It takes an army of people to supply supermarkets around the country and keep the shelves stacked up.

The work required is rarely considered or recognised. However, increases in domestic purchases and the threat of staff absence is forcing many households to see their food supply in a new light.

The supermarkets have responded to the high levels of demand with the following recruitment drives for stores, distribution staff and delivery services in March 2020:

  • Tesco – 20,000 new staff
  • Aldi – 9,000 new staff (4,000 of which will be permanent)
  • Asda – 5,000 temporary staff
  • Morrisons – 3,500 pickers, drivers and distribution staff
  • Lidl – 2,500 immediate staff

Some stores are recruiting through Head Office, while others are using temp agencies. Occasionally, stores are accepting CVs in person, though social distancing measures may increase the difficulty of doing this.

COVID-19 Temporary Carer Jobs

Every day throughout the UK, carers look after disabled and elderly people in their own homes or residential units. Many carers looking after society’s most vulnerable individuals will fall ill or find themselves in a self isolating household for 14 days.

Temporary agencies and care companies are actively recruiting new temporary staff now, with others starting the process.

Cera Care announced a national recruitment drive on 25th March 2020. They are looking for 10,000 workers to join them as carers in client homes. The company provides all training. Furthermore, everyone may receive permanent contracts to join the company for the long term.

Food Production Jobs

At the moment, all eyes are on the factories and processing plants. The Coronavirus pandemic affects supplies and staffing levels. Furthermore, it potentially restricts the arrival of a seasonal workforce.

Addo Food Group manufactures a range of savoury quiches, pies, pasties, slices, scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pork pies for major retailers. They also produce lines for Wall’s Pastry and Pork Farms. Mid-March 2020 sees a recruiting drive for various roles in their six UK sites.

You can also find harvest, seasonable and temporary jobs on sites such as Picking Jobs, HOPS Labour Solutions, Concordia and Fruitful, Angus Growers and CDS Labour.

Later in the year there will be a heavy need for fit and healthy people to harvest fruit and vegetables across the UK.

Amazon Jobs

With many people stuck at home and all non-essential shops shut, UK customers are placing orders online. Amazon has already reduced the range of product lines to ensure essential product supplies are maintained throughout the crisis.

You can find a list of Amazon vacancies sorted by location, with a link through to the application process.

Amazon UK salaries are nationally applied and also currently enhanced.

Be Flexible During The COVID-19 Pandemic

It can be difficult to do work traditionally undervalued and underpaid because your choice of job is suddenly unavailable. However, the experience you’ll gain in unusual circumstances may provide insight and inspiration which helps your creative development.

Just remember that safety comes first, both for you and those around you.

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