Dan Hubbard, Casting Director

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Dan Hubbard is a London based Casting Director with an extensive track record of casting for film and TV.

A member of the Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), he is the son of casting directors Ros and John Hubbard, and his sister is casting director Amy Hubbard.

His many credits for screen casting for film and television include Downton Abbey and the Bourne Supremacy.

Dan Hubbard Casting

Dan’s parents John and Ros Hubbard were successful casting directors. In the AV room of Glenstal Abbey School, he enjoyed learning how to make films. He later got experience as a runner on film sets in the hope it would lead to camera work. But he then started assisting at Hubbard Casting. The flair he demonstrated for casting work meant he had cast his first feature film by the time he was 21 years old. Collaborating with his parents and his sister Amy Hubbard as part of the Hubbard Casting team, he worked on a range of interesting projects and some of the biggest films of the time.

In 2014 he set up Dan Hubbard Casting, based on Westminster Bridge Road in London.

In 2015 Dan Hubbard won a British Arrows Craft award with Claire Catterson. This was for casting a commercial called “Learn The Hard Way”. The commercial was for The Prince’s Trust and was directed by Seb Edwards.

Dan Hubbard was also the casting director for a short film called “The Phonecall”. Starring Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent, it won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2015.

Masterclasses With Dan Hubbard

Dan Hubbard has run a number of masterclasses. They are not frequent, and therefore sell out very quickly.

Meeting Dan Hubbard’s Team?

If Dan Hubbard Casting calls you in for a casting, you need to prepare. Start by reading the whole script to understand the project. Research the director so you have an understanding of their work. Think about your interpretation of the role you are casting for, and make sure you learn the script off by heart.

When you are waiting to go into the audition room, sit quietly. Focus on the performance you are about to give. Keep your nerves under control so you can give the best performance possible.

In the audition room, you may be asked to adapt your delivery which allows everyone to see you take direction.

Be polite and personable at all times. But also let the casting team see your personality. Everyone on set has to work well together. Therefore never criticise the people you have previously worked with. Instead, be positive about all your past and current projects.

A number of actors will be auditioned for each role, but only one will be chosen. Even if that isn’t you, be thankful that you were seen. If you weren’t right for this role but made a good impression, you may be considered for a future role which is a better fit.

Then move on to the next casting – like acting professionals do all their working lives.

Casting Work Experience

Dan Hubbard’s work is assisted by casting associate Claire Robinson and casting assistant Lauren Jerome.

For nine years experienced casting professional Gemma Sykes also worked at Hubbard Casting. She has recently branched into her own London based company, Gemma Sykes Casting.

Applications are welcome from people who would like to get some work experience at Dan Hubbard Casting. Send your CV and availability to the team for their consideration.