Dee Boss Talent Management

DeeBoss Talent Management

Dee Boss Talent Management is a London based acting and modelling agency which considers applications from around the UK.

Dee Boss Talent Management Team

Denise Ebsworth set up Dee Boss Talent Management Ltd in 2016. She has supported her three children through their experiences and careers as child performers for ten years. As a result, she understands the entertainment industry from a number of angles. Furthermore, she knows from personal experience how the demands of the industry impacts parents and families.

Daren Ebsworth has a wealth of IT industry experience. He’s built up the Dee Boss Talent Management website to work efficiently for the agency, performers and casting directors alike. The performer profiles are well set out. You can search actor and model profiles separately, and according to gender and age categories. Both the staff and the performers themselves can update the profiles online.

Head Talent Co-ordinator of Dee Boss Talent, Tracey, is also an experienced performer’s mum. It led her into working for a modelling agency before joining Dee Boss in 2017.

Connie completes the agency team, working on Model Booking. 

Dee Boss Talent Management On Social Media

Dee Boss Talent Management Ltd has a Facebook Page reporting the success of their performers. There’s a lot of positive feedback from represented performers, consistently leaving a five-star evaluation.

There’s also an actively maintained Instagram page.

But it’s on Twitter where you see the love between the agency and its performers. Their Twitter Feed includes success stories, good luck wishes to those casting, birthday wishes to performers, praise for completed projects now available, and compliments on updated headshots. Moreover, a wide range of represented performers regularly praise the agents and thank them for their hard work.

You will also find further agency recommendations from represented performers on, one of the UK’s leading casting websites. The families of young performers have also contributed enthusiastic feedback about Dee Boss Talent Management to the Not A Pushy Mum Forum. 

It is this very positive feedback from a range of sources that led to Dee Boss Talent Management being included in our list of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors.

Dee Boss Talent Management is proud of the testimonials it receives, so has a page on its website showing a selection of them chosen from Facebook and

Dee Boss Management Charges

Each new young performer under the age of 18 pays a £50 fee to join Dee Boss Talent Management.

A contributor to the Not A Pushy Mum website rightly raised concerns about this. There is a general principle that performers should avoid upfront charges so that agencies only make a commission on booked work.

However, the £50 fee is reasonable and much below some of the costs other agencies charge. Furthermore, it is clearly explained on the agency’s website so you know about it, even before you apply. That’s unfortunately rare in this industry.

In addition, it is a one-off fee and there are no annual or monthly representation fees for any of the performers of any age. That’s becoming increasingly rare though you would not know it from looking at agency websites. Any agency which clearly discloses its fees structure on its website deserves a thumbs up.

When you book work, Dee Boss Talent Management take a commission of 20% of your fee. That’s not the lowest in the industry, but nor is it the highest. They receive your fee from the production company. The agency will then deduct the commission due to them and pay the rest directly into your bank account. If your child is the performer, remember to set up a bank account in their name, because parents cannot receive fees their child has earned.

Dee Boss Talent Management is a sole agency. You cannot sign up with another agency too. This makes sense because it is complicated to keep on top of all the potential casting and booking dates of jobs. However, they won’t charge you commission for doing work you obtained yourself. 

Other Industry Costs

It’s easy to think that becoming an actor will lead to fame and riches. In reality, it’s a career path that involves a lot of required upfront costs and no certainty of gaining any paid work at all.

Performers who are serious about their careers subscribe to casting websites. They apply to casting briefs on those sites for paid work on funded projects. Those represented by Dee Boss Talent typically subscribe to Spotlight, and Casting Networks as a minimum. The performers pay all the subscription charges. That’s normal industry practice even where the agent processes the subscription administration.

Performers and models also pay for their annual headshots. Dee Boss Talent allows you to use the photographer of your choice or can give you the contact details of their recommended photographer.

Travelling to a casting can be an expensive business, especially for anyone who lives outside London. The short notice makes train fares particularly expensive. If you are lucky enough to receive a casting payment it will cover local travel only. Again, this is all completely standard practice in the industry.

How To Apply For Representation

Dee Boss Talent Management does not accept all applicants on to their books. Instead, they identify applicants with a good chance of booking paid work. Therefore, only send a well presented and complete application to them.

If you are aged 25 or over, you must be registered with Spotlight before you apply to Dee Boss Talent Management.

The good news is that the agency aims to give a response to all applicants within 5 days, regardless of the outcome. It is fairly unusual within the industry to hear anything following an application, submission or casting unless you are successful. The agency’s decision to notify applicants that they have been unsuccessful on this occasion is a good one.

Dee Boss Talent Management hold assessment meeting for applicants who they think have a possibility of obtaining paid work. This is normally in central London, where most castings occur.

It’s a good chance for you to assess how easy travelling for castings will be. But of course, the aim of the assessment is to make sure the agency knows who you are and what you have to offer the industry. That means you will be submitted for work you are most suitable for. You can also find out more about what your rights and responsibilities are as a performer represented by the agency.

Some agencies represent performers without ever meeting them. The Dee Boss Talent Management assessment ensures both you and the agency are happy to work with each other. Moreover, you won’t waste time and money attending castings that are unsuitable for your look and skillset.