Hatton McEwan Penford Ltd

acting agency
  • Located in Weston Street, SE1 3ER
  • Spotlight registered agency, members of BAFTA and the Personal managers Association (PMA)
  • Agency set up in 1998 by Stephen Hatton (who retired in 2016)
  • Company incorporated June 2005 and gained its current name when agent James Penfold became a partner in 2013
  • film, TV, stage, radio and commercials
  • work with a number of agencies and managers in LA and New York
  • Busy Twitter feed @HMcPAgency
  • To find out about representation, press the black button on ‘The Team’ page
  • All applications ONLY by email 
  • Use the specified email address and add subject line ‘ATT All Agents’
  • Attach ONE small image (top tip – learn to compress large files to under 2mb)
  • Spotlight, showreel etc should be added as LINKS, not file attachments
  • Need showreel or upcoming show (with notice for viewing arrangements)
  • Will attend drama school showcases but happy to receive an emailed invitation – add ‘ATT All Agents’ in the subject line
  • You’ll normally need an impressive CV to get considered by this agency

“A cautionary note, no reputable agency should seek to charge you for representation /  submissions / photographs / auditions or anything else up front. Reputable agencies only charge commission on work they have secured for you,  all agencies are legally obliged to provide a letter of representation so that commission rates are transparent and that you are fully aware of your and their obligations under the contract.”

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