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Boutique agency Hero Talent Group very quickly established a reputation for its portfolio of talented child and youth actors sourced from around the UK.

The Team Behind Hero Talent Group Bring Years Of Expertise To Their Agency

Hero Talent Group launched in January 2015, but even by May of that year was receiving glowing reports from their clients’ parents on the popular forum Not a Pushy Mum. As a result, the agency has been included on our list of 20 UK reputable agents for child actors.  One of the regular comments you will hear about Hero is that their children and young people are carefully matched to the casting briefs by the agency. Clients are submitted on their individual strengths, rather than as part of a batch of similar children and young people; because of this, they are more likely to have a successful audition experience.

Hero Talent Group signs up clients on a sole agency basis. In addition to providing agency representation to their children and young people, Hero aims to act as mentors overseeing the career development of their clients.

Nicola Joy, who founded Hero Talent Group, is herself an experienced actress. She was a child actor who later joined the prestigious National Youth Theatre, before embarking on an acting career as an adult.  So she personally knows the challenges and industry her young clients face. She has also worked in Production; later she represented film directors for advertising work, including some of the best talent in the industry.

Nicola’s team comes with its own wealth of experience. Between them, they have more than fifty years of relevant expertise. Agent Chrissy Soames is an experienced photographer, children’s agent and drama teacher. Business Manager and Founding Partner Nicholas Tasker has built an award-winning creative career, having worked for prestigious advertising companies in London and Los Angeles.

Hero Talent Group Clients Are Busy Working On Impressive Jobs

The opening page of the website for Hero Talent Group tells you straight away how busy their clients are with high profile work. West End roles and speaking parts in feature films and household name TV programmes feature prominently, along with well-known radio programmes and other work. International projects appear frequently in client news.

Success stories can also be followed on the Hero Talent Group Twitter feed, which now has well over a thousand followers. Comments from young actors show a nice level of support for and between the agency’s clients. The Hero Talent Group Facebook Page has over five hundred followers and has received a five-star rating from happy parents of busy clients.

Do You Want Hero Talent Group To Represent You Or Your Child?

The young clients on Hero’s books cover a wide range of looks and backgrounds. They live in different areas of the UK. The agency looks for emerging, distinctive talent that Casting Directors, Directors and Producers would employ. Meanwhile, they aim to manage an inclusive and representative mixture of UK youth in their portfolio.

If you want to join Hero Talent Group as a young adult or sign up your child with the agency, first of all, understand the commitment you are taking on by entering the acting industry. You can get an idea of the cost and time commitments needed by reading our article about how to become a child actor.  Take the commitment seriously; you cannot pick and choose castings. If you want a less stressful route, look at finding work as an extra (or “supporting artist”) via a local extras agency.

Once you have decided to apply to the Hero Talent Group for representation, you must carefully follow the contact rules. First impressions count, so always prepare and act correctly from the outset.

How To Apply To Hero Talent Group For Representation

Firstly, do not phone; your expression of interest must be by email.   They need to concentrate on getting work for their clients, so your application must wait until they can find time to look at it. Needless discussion on the phone wastes everyone’s valuable time.

Secondly, make sure your application is complete, and that all your essential details are provided.

  • You need a clear headshot; you can take one at home rather than using a professional photographer. But the headshot MUST look like the young person who would walk into the room.
  • Add a CV; list name, age, key measurements, skills, and any credits
  • Put a covering note in the email; explain why Hero Talent Group is a good fit for your child (and vice versa)
  • Include a Spotlight link if you have one

It will help your application if you have a proven track record in obtaining work and training. If you are accepted by the agency, Hero will aim to get you seen for higher profile projects.

Finally, be aware that Hero is a boutique agency. They are selective about the small number of children and young people they take on. Your chances of being accepted are limited, so you (and your child) must be prepared for this.

Does Hero Talent Group Accept Applications From Any Child Or Young Person?

Hero Talent Group is aiming to represent a diverse client list for the acting jobs most likely to arise. They assess each application to identify experience or qualities which are of particular interest. You should, therefore, make an application and wait for the response.

And remember, once you have found representation by a great agent, the next stage is to crack the casting process!