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Jane Anderson is a Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG) who has worked in casting since 2004.

Prior to that, she gained a lot of experience of Dance photography during her degree, and then went to work in production. After travelling, she spent two weeks helping casting director Sarah Crowe while another assistant was on holiday. From there she built up experience including working as part of Di Carling’s team.

Originally a Londoner, she moved  to the North of England and now works from both Manchester and London. She became a key figure in the North West’s cultural Trustee of both Manchester’s 53Two Arts Venue and the ALRA Drama school in London & Wigan. 


Jane Anderson’s credits, which range from gritty dramas through to comedy, include BAFTA nominated and award winning productions. 

She has worked on more than fifty projects, including children’s television favourites Hank Zipzer and Wolfblood, hit comedy TV series Green Wing, and Netflix series Creeped Out.

Jane Anderson talks to Ignite Films about her extensive lists of actors and why she keeps them. She also explains the importance of the Executive Producers in the final casting decisions.

If you want to get in touch with Jane Anderson, send in an email, with ONE small Headshot and a link to showreel and CV. The email mustn’t be too heavy, so beyond the headshot include links rather than files. The emails go into Jane Anderson’s lists for review when appropriate roles come up.

You’ll find the contact details at the Jane Anderson Casting website.

Only send emails, do not reach out by phone or social media. Do not send further emails, unless you have new headshots. 

Jane Anderson believes having familiarity with the sides for a first audition is much more important than knowing the lines off by heart. By the recalls, however, you need to be off book.

For self tapes, Jane Anderson prefers to see you responding to the lines given by another human being, rather than an app. 

Keep the background of self tapes clear and distraction free, so the casting team only looks at the actor on screen.

Jane Anderson talks to James Pearson at the Collective Creative Initiative, in an in-depth interview packed with advice for actors

Jane Anderson Film Jury Member

Jane was a member of the Competition Jury for the Manchester Film Festival 2017. The official website for the film festival describes the Jury:

“As diverse as the festival’s officially selected films, the second edition welcomes a panel of jurors with an eclectic mix of local, domestic and international recognition within the world of film and media.”

She has also worked as a jury member for the International Emmy Awards.

How To Contact Jane Anderson

Jane makes it clear on her website and twitter feed that she welcomes contact from actors – as long as you follow the rules. Each casting Director has their own way of working, and you must research this for each individual. She gives you a big headstart by making her preferences clear.

Firstly, make sure you know you are an actor looking for film and screen work and that you are asking a casting director to be aware of your existence.

Do not contact Jane asking for her to be your agent. She is a Casting Director. If you do not know the difference you need to get unpaid experience and do a lot of research to understand how the industry works.

Do not contact Jane to ask for theatre work. She casts for film and TV.

Do not contact Jane asking her for work as an extra. Extras are signed up to Agents which represent Extras and are chosen by Casting Directors who are appointed to find Extras for a project. Jane does not do either of these.

Emailing Jane Anderson Casting

Once you are ready to contact Jane Anderson, follow these rules:

  • ONLY contact by email
  • No letters, phone calls, tweets, Facebook messages or visits
  • ALL emails will be read when she isn’t working
  • Emails can be filed for later reference and found when needed
  • Make the emails short and to the point
  • Don’t waste time apologising, explaining, or giving a life story why you are acting
  • You will hear if something relevant comes up; if not, do not chase an answer
  • You can email if you have a role about to be screened on TV
  • You can email if you want to invite her or an assistant to a show you are in
  • Send a small jpg of ONE headshot image
  • Choose an image which really does look like you today
  • Add a link to Spotlight etc for further images
  • Send a list of work you’ve done
  • Make sure it is clear and relevant
  • Send a link to a clip or reel of any screen work
  • Don’t send the actual clip as it makes the email too large
  • Add Spotlight links to a clip if you have them – but send the link, not the view PIN
  • Do not send a montage (pictures of you set to music)
  • Make sure the clip shows your acting skills
  • If you can, include the production title
  • Make sure the clip works!

Self-taping For Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson advises you to read up on the CDG Self Tape Guidelines. It will help you make a better self-tape and improve your chances of being considered for a role. Remember to meet your deadlines, put on the title you are asked for, and check they have uploaded properly.

How Many People Will Audition For A Role?

Jane Anderson sometimes pitches to cast a project, sometimes she is approached directly. She then comes up with a list, based on actors she has seen or noticed before, supplemented by suggestions by agents. Once the list has been discussed with a director, some of the actors are brought in for an audition.

The numbers brought in for audition can vary. Sometimes five actors are brought in, sometimes fifteen actors will be seen.

The director, producer and exec producer make the decision for the main characters. Jane will have an input into this, especially if she sees the risk of a decision going in the wrong direction. Once the decision has been agreed, Jane then begins negotiation with the actor’s agent.

Jane Anderson Casting On Social Media

Jane Anderson has a @JaneAndersonCDG which is very useful to read. It alerts you to upcoming Question and Answer sessions she is involved with, reminders about how to get in touch, and great support for shows she’s seen.

Jane Anderson Casting’s  Facebook Page can also be followed. However, if you try to be friends with Jane on her personal Facebook page and do not know her then you won’t get a response.

You must not use Twitter or Facebook as a way to get your CV or showreel seen. It means you are throwing it out there without any research about the Casting Director you are approaching.

Interviews with Jane Anderson

Jane works with degree and postgraduate students in audition technique and monologue preparation. She also shares her knowledge and expertise at events such as the one recently held for Casting Networks.

Jane recorded a podcast for Spotlight. You can find it on the Spotlight podcast page. Listen to it before you attend an audition with her. It’s also got great advice for those about to do a showcase.

One of the recommendations she makes to young actors about to graduate is to persevere and get experience. Fringe theatre, short films, get experience, even if you don’t have an agent at the moment.

Jane Anderson’s Screen Casting Credits

Jane Anderson’s screen credits as Casting Director include:

Jane Anderson’s other screen credits for casting include:

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