Mondi Associates Limited

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Mondi Associates is a well established and highly regarded talent agency. They accept only a small number of performers for their books.

Mondi Associates Limited

Mondi Associates Limited became an incorporated company in the year 2000. According to Companies House, there have been few company role changes over the years. In addition, the company accounts are filed in a timely manner. This suggests a well-managed business.

They received positive feedback on the Not A Pushy Mum website, and they have a decent social media following. We found no online complaints about this agency or the Directors.

Their social media stream shows a steady flow of work for their performers for a range of theatre shows, TVCs, feature films and TV series, filmed here and abroad.

Mondi Associates, therefore, is an agency included in our list of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors.  

Who Does Mondi Associates Represent?

According to the agency information on a range of casting websites including Spotlight and Mandy, Mondi Associates represents a small number of performers. It means they select carefully. This avoids creating internal competition with performers who look too similar to each other.

Although the offices for Mondi Associates are based in Chelsea, London, they accept performers from any location. However, everyone represented must be prepared to travel to castings. These are usually in Central London, and at short notice. Remember, performers pay their own travel costs.

No children under the age of 4 may apply. All performers between the ages of 4 and 21 are represented as Young Performers. The Adult category is for those aged 21 and up. There is no upper age limit specified.

The Mondi Associates Limited Website

The official website for Mondi Associates is fast loading and minimal, concentrating on the information you need to find.

The website’s news feed reports work performers embark on. Each item is accompanied by the performer’s name, IMDb link, and Spotlight link. This is a great resource for casting professionals wanting to quickly find out more about the performer concerned.

The website gives clear information about how you can apply for representation. Follow the instructions carefully. Moreover, be clear about why Mondi Associates should consider your application.

There is a page specifically for anyone looking for representation as a Young Performer. You will find clear instructions about how to apply. A link to a Spotlight profile would be sufficient, as long as it contains the photo, CV and details of skills and training. Remember to also include a telephone number that the agency can contact you on if they would like to discuss your application.

Most agencies have public access to all the profiles of performers on their books. Mondi does not do this. However, the purpose of actor profiles is to submit the performer for work, direct to a casting director. Keeping this information private is not a problem.

Mondi Associates On Social Media

Mondi has a Twitter Feed but the Facebook Page has a cleaner feed containing only news related to the agency.

You can find news of what their performers have been up to, along with professional headshots which give you an idea of the range of talent they represent.

Do Mondi Associates Charge For Representation?

The website includes no information about audition fees, representation fees or commission levels. You cannot infer anything from this. Very few agencies make their charges public.

You will, however, pay for your professional photos and the annual Spotlight membership fee. You won’t find this information on the Mondi Associates website. But they are costs that performers with all agencies incur. Or at least, if they want to win the best quality performance work available in the UK.