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Discover more about London based acting and talent agency Platinum Management.

Platinum Management is a boutique agency, meaning they represent a smaller number of clients. The agency’s aim is to offer a “personal, tailored management for established actors and other artists within the entertainment industry”.

Platinum Management Contact Details

5 Cranleigh Court
4-5 Leinster Gardens
London W2 6DP

Telephone: 020 7706 3632

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 – 18.00 (except bank holidays)

General email:

Applications email:

You can find the agency on social media at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Applying to Platinum Management

The talent agency receives a high number of applications for representation, so make sure you meet the criteria and submit all information requested, in the format specified.

First of all, apply by email, to

Don’t send letters, use the wrong email address, phone, or visit the office.

Secondly, make sure you attach all the necessary information in the one email.

They don’t want lots of subsequent emails because you forgot something.

You should include

  • your Spotlight link
  • a SHORT introduction (ie keep it relevant)

Most acting agencies want established actors who are registered on Spotlight. Platinum Management’s application process will accept submissions from those who don’t have a Spotlight link, as long as you include the following

If you don’t submit the requested attachments with your application, it is an incomplete application and will not be considered any further.

If agencies ask for this evidence and you don’t have it, it suggests you aren’t at the stage of your acting career that the agency is looking for.

Unusually, this talent agency sends an email to everyone who submits a complete application. So within five days, you’ll usually know whether they want to talk to you further or not.

Don’t forget to check your spam box, in case their reply is automatically sent there by your email provider.

Platinum Management’s Founder

Marty Ruszkiewicz is the director and founder of the talent agency.

The Polish born marketing and finance PR professional moved to Hungary where he worked as a TV presenter for the Polish National Television.

He then moved to London, where he has worked as a talent agent for almost ten years.

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