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  • What Makes a Good Actor?

    What Makes a Good Actor?

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    It’s obvious when you see it, but what makes a good actor?

  • How to Act Drunk for Actors on Stage and Screen

    How to Act Drunk for Actors on Stage and Screen

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    Tips and tricks on how to act drunk for actors trying to play a character with authenticity – while stone cold sober.

  • Brechtian Acting Techniques & Exercises

    Brechtian Acting Techniques & Exercises

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    Discover what Brechtian Acting Techniques are and why they are still relevant to stage acting today.

  • Meisner Acting Technique

    Meisner Acting Technique

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    Discover more about the Meisner Acting Technique, one of the ways actors bring authentic performances to their audiences.

  • How Do Actors Cry?

    How Do Actors Cry?

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    How do actors cry? And why it is an essential acting skill? Have you ever wondered how actors are able to cry on command? Whether it’s a heartbreaking scene in a movie or a dramatic moment on stage, tears are an essential part of the performance. But how do they make it look so real?…

  • Do actors really kiss?

    Do actors really kiss?

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    Actors use a variety of acting techniques to create believable characters, but do they really kiss? And how do they kiss well enough to make us believe there is an emotional connection there? After all, the actors we see in these intimate moments are work colleagues, and they are surrounded by entire teams of crew…