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  • What Makes a Good Actor?

    What Makes a Good Actor?

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    It’s obvious when you see it, but what makes a good actor?

  • How to Act Drunk for Actors on Stage and Screen

    How to Act Drunk for Actors on Stage and Screen

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    Tips and tricks on how to act drunk for actors trying to play a character with authenticity – while stone cold sober.

  • Brechtian Acting Techniques & Exercises

    Brechtian Acting Techniques & Exercises

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    Discover what Brechtian Acting Techniques are and why they are still relevant to stage acting today.

  • Meisner Acting Technique

    Meisner Acting Technique

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    Discover more about the Meisner Acting Technique, one of the ways actors bring authentic performances to their audiences.

  • How Do Actors Cry?

    How Do Actors Cry?

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    How do actors cry? And why it is an essential acting skill? Have you ever wondered how actors are able to cry on command? Whether it’s a heartbreaking scene in a movie or a dramatic moment on stage, tears are an essential part of the performance. But how do they make it look so real?…

  • Do actors really kiss?

    Do actors really kiss?

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    Actors use a variety of acting techniques to create believable characters, but do they really kiss?