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National Youth Theatre Auditions Results?

If you’re upset and disappointed not to get the “Congratulations!” email from the National Youth Theatre on results day, then read on to see why it isn’t the end of the world. The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain The  National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (NYTofGB or NYT) is a UK registered charity....

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Getting into drama school in the UK

Getting Into Drama School In The UK

Drama school offers full-time training into a performance career but it’s not for the faint-hearted. The audition process alone can be long, expensive and only a lucky few succeed in getting into drama school....

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Youth Theatre In The UK

If you are a young person who loves to act and wants to become an actor, joining a youth theatre or triple threat training is essential. This article sets out what youth theatres have to offer, and provides lists of groups near you....

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Become A Licensed Chaperone For Child Performers

If a child is performing on stage or in film, they need to be cared for by their parent or a licensed chaperone. We set out how you can get licensed. Before An LEA (the Local Education Authority at your Local Government Offices, also known as your Local Council’s Education Department) will approve a Child...

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Summer Schools for UK Year 12 Students

Summer Schools For UK Year 12 Students

Summer Schools in medicine, engineering, pre-University and free courses for A-Level students join an array of sports and creative opportunities. Also included in this article is information about the programmes run by the Sutton Trust, Oxford UNIQ, Durham Supported Progression and Target Oxbridge....

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