Victoria Lepper Associates (VLA)

acting agency

Victoria Lepper Associates (VLA)  is a London based boutique talent agency representing a selective roster of actors and creatives. They request a Spotlight link from anyone seeking representation, restricting their roster to actors with a proven track record.

Victoria Lepper Associates is a member of the Personal Managers’ Association (PMA),  the membership organisation for agents who represent actors, writers and directors working in film, television, theatre and radio. It’s a sign of a legitimate and quality talent agency.

On social media, you can see their clients busy with paid work for  film, television and stage. They also run a Commercial division.

Victoria Lepper Associates was incorporated as a UK company in December 2013.

Victoria Lepper Associates works in collaboration with another PMA registered agency, Middleweek Newton Talent Management.

Contact Details

Victoria Lepper Associates

The Stanley building

7 Pancras Square



Telephone: 020 7118 8852

Email address for representation submissions:

VLA Links:

Representation at VLA

If a division at Victoria Lepper Associates has open books, you’ll probably see an announcement on Twitter.

All submissions must be by email only. No telephone calls or postal submission will be considered.

You must already have an active Spotlight profile before applying, and should  include the link in your submission. The agency wants to see your CV, photos and showreel. 

Also include an invitation to an upcoming show if you are in one.

Because the agency is busy and the volume of applications large, you’ll only hear an answer to your submission if Victoria Lepper Associates thinks you are a good fit for their roster.

Victoria Lepper Associates clients include Gary Reimer, who has been on their roster  for several years