Month: October 2021

  • Camilla Evans, Casting Director

    Camilla Evans, Casting Director

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    Although Casting Director Camilla Evans mostly works in theatre, her credits include popular TV series Hustle and Cranford. 

  • Daniel Edwards, Casting Director

    Daniel Edwards, Casting Director

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    Under the name Danny Edwards, Casting Director Daniel Edwards worked as an actor in television, film and theatre for more than twenty years. 

  • Jenny Duffy

    Jenny Duffy

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    Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), Jenny Duffy casts for film, TV and theatre.

  • Maureen Duff, Casting Director

    Maureen Duff, Casting Director

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    Maureen Duff began her career in casting in 1992, following several years working in a theatrical agency.

  • Carol Dudley

    Carol Dudley

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    Veteran Casting Director Carol Dudley began her career in casting in the early 1980s. 

  • Shakyra Dowling

    Shakyra Dowling

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    BAFTA and Sundance nominated Casting Director Shakyra Dowling is a Member of the Casting Directors’ Association (CDA) who has worked on more than a hundred screen projects. 

  • Kate Dowd

    Kate Dowd

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    London based Kate Dowd is a Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG). 

  • Catriona Dickie

    Catriona Dickie

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    Freelance Casting Director, Writer and Director Catriona Dickie is a probationary member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG).

  • Laura Dickens

    Laura Dickens

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    Casting Director and Creative Producer Laura Dickens is a Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG).

  • Anna Dawson, Casting Director

    Anna Dawson, Casting Director

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    Anna Dawson is a UK Casting Director based in Edinburgh, working in Scotland and London.