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Whether you are considering filmmaking jobs or just hoping to enjoy a creative hobby, discover ways to build a network, avoid expensive pitfalls and unleash your create potential with tips and advice in our filmmaking pages.

Filmmaking Networks

Facebook Groups UK: Filmmaking Near Me

Planning Your Filmmaking Project

Film Script Structure (with examples)

How To Write A Music Video

How To Sell Your Story To Netflix

Casting Your Microbudget Film

Cast Your Friend In Your Microbudget Film

Casting Websites For UK Actors

What Does A Casting Director Do?

Making Your Microbudget Film

Make A Short Film: 25 Essential Steps

Purchasing Equipment From China on Ebay & Amazon

10 Ways Filmmakers Endanger Kids On Set

Makeup Artistry For Film

Film Makeup Artists Are Vital – & Not Just For Horror!

How To Become A Film Makeup Artist

1940s Hair and Makeup

Great (and easy) Fake Blood Recipes


ADR, Foley Sounds, Rerecording & SFX Sound Effects

What is a Foley Mixer?

The Hobbit Sound Recording Team At Work

Jobs in Film

What does a script editor do in the film industry?

What is a Gaffer in Film & TV Production?

Film Terms

The Abby Slinger Shot

Colour Temperature & White Balance in Film

Following & Breaking the 180 degree rule in Filmyes