Facebook Groups To Join: UK Actors & Filmmakers

Facebook Groups Filmmaking Groups Near Me

Search our extensive list of film and acting related Facebook Groups.  There are private and public groups to join for freelancers, professionals, and amateurs separately and combined, regardless of your experience or specialism in acting and filmmaking.

Because many people will be asking ‘ How do I find Filmmaking Groups near me?’, we’ve organised our list of Facebook Groups according to location.

Networks intertwine and individuals are often capable of several roles on set, especially where the budget is low or non-existent. Therefore, we haven’t separated the Facebook Groups into topics, with the exception of Child Actors which has a distinct group membership.

Facebook groups offer the chance to network, promote your work, ask questions, get an update on current opportunities, find moral support, and find out about local filmmaking events.

Whether you are joining these Facebook Groups to make filmmaking friends or for business reasons, please adhere to the group rules. Some groups, for example, welcome the promotion of your own projects whereas others specifically ban it.

Contents Of This Page:

Useful Facebook Groups To Join

Before we start on the Facebook Groups for creatives in specific parts of the UK, we’ll look at the many options available to you wherever you are.

Some of these Facebook Groups were created in other countries but are used daily by active UK creatives:

Facebook Groups For UK Child Actors

Becoming a child actor is complicated and sustaining a career can be challenging for the whole family. These Facebook Groups help child actors and their parents navigate the highs and lows of castings, finding a reputable agent, Child Performance Licence issues, chaperoning, drama school and National Youth Theatre auditions: 

Facebook Groups In London

These Facebook Groups were set up for anyone involved with filmmaking in London:

Facebook Groups In South East England

If you live in South East England, these Facebook Groups will help you connect to active projects and events near you:

Facebook Groups In Manchester

Manchester is an important centre of UK filmmaking activity.  If you want to build local networks these Facebook Groups will help you make contacts:

Facebook Groups In Leeds & Yorkshire

Channel 4 is opening an office in Leeds because of the quality of local professionals in the area, the incredible Screen Yorkshire needs no introduction, and there are hundreds of film students attending the local universities. These Facebook Groups help connect you to the local area filmmaking network:

Facebook Groups In Liverpool

Liverpool is increasingly used as a film backdrop, but also has an active community of low and zero budget filmmakers. The Facebook Groups for any creative living and working in the Liverpool area are:

Facebook Groups In The Midlands

The following Facebook Groups offer a great choice for creatives living and working in The Midlands:

Facebook Groups In North East England 

From Teesside to the Scottish borders, students, hobbyists, and professionals strive to get their films made. The following Facebook Groups are highly active:

Facebook Groups In Cornwall, Devon & South West 

Creatives living and working across the South West wondering which Facebook Groups to join have a decent selection:

Facebook Groups In Wales 

More than the studio space of Dr Who, Wales offers a thriving network of filmmakers through the following Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups In Scotland

The film and TV industries work in Scotland for domestic, UK wide and international projects. Even if you are an aspiring creative you can reach out to the filmmaking networks via the following Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups In Northern Ireland 

Creatives living and working in Northern Ireland can join the following Facebook Groups:

Reasons To Join Facebook Groups

If you are a student filmmaker or local micro-budget filmmaker, you need a well-read online platform from which you can announce your projects and recruit cast and crew. Casting websites can be useful. However, if you need a large group of volunteers who are available locally then social media can be more helpful. One post will lead to a lot of comments and volunteers.

For anyone hoping to become an actor or crew member, local projects are a great way to gain experience. If you are good at what you do, you will be recommended through local networks. Therefore, you are likely to be given further chances to develop your skills and gain showreel.

Joining local networking Facebook Groups helps you identify those networks. And it gets your name into the mix if you contribute and volunteer.

Being able to provide a showreel and credits is a key benefit for any performer applying to acting agencies for representation.

The Downsides Of Facebook Groups

Everyone involved in these projects will be volunteering, and furthermore might contribute to expenses or crowdfunding calls. No one should be making any money out of the venture and so no one is paid. Instead, the opportunity for everyone to enjoy working together, gaining showreel and experience is enough. 

But that doesn’t pay the bills.

Also, the promised showreel often fails to materialise. Student and inexperienced filmmakers can be disorganised and make basic mistakes. As a result, key shots are missing or contain obvious problems. Also, editing a film takes time and dedication, so the loss of a key team member or other projects can prevent the final edit from ever happening.

 In this situation, you have invested time and perhaps crowdfunded money for no showreel.

Unexpectedly, these groups can sometimes give you an insight into the troubled lives or disputes experienced by members of the local networks. Critical comments, complaints and even abuse can sometimes spill into groups where they do not belong. Being networks, everyone will know everyone else. Unwise comments in Facebook groups end up being discussed during set breaks. Learn to separate your personal lives and feelings from your filmmaking persona. 

Only contribute if you can be positive.

Keep Searching Facebook Groups For Your Location

There are many more Facebook groups around the UK because more start up all the time.

In addition, most local microbudget film producers manage their own Facebook pages. They use these to recruit for their projects and, furthermore, gain an audience for completed films.

And if you don’t find a group suitable for your location? Start one yourself!