Facebook Groups UK: Filmmaking Near Me

If you’re looking for local filmmaking projects, Facebook Groups are a great place to start. Network with new and experienced actors, crew and filmmakers.

Reasons To Join Film-Related Facebook Groups

If you are a student filmmaker or local micro-budget filmmaker, you need a well-read online platform from which you can announce your projects and recruit cast and crew. Casting websites can be useful. However, if you need a large group of volunteers who are available locally then social media can be more helpful. One post will lead to a lot of comments and volunteers.

For anyone hoping to become an actor or crew member, local projects are a great way to gain experience. If you are good at what you do, you will be recommended through local networks. Therefore, you are likely to be given further chances to develop your skills and gain showreel.

Joining local networking Facebook Groups helps you identify those networks. And it gets your name into the mix if you contribute and volunteer.

Being able to provide a showreel and credits is a key benefit for any performer applying to acting agencies for representation.

The Downsides Of Film-Related Facebook Groups

Everyone involved in these projects will be volunteering, and furthermore might contribute to expenses or crowdfunding calls. No one should be making any money out of the venture and so no one is paid. Instead, the opportunity for everyone to enjoy working together, gaining showreel and experience is enough. But that doesn’t pay the bills.

Also, the promised showreel often fails to materialise. Student and inexperienced filmmakers can be disorganised and make basic mistakes. As a result, key shots are missing or contain obvious problems. Also, editing a film takes time and dedication, so the loss of a key team member or other projects can prevent the final edit from ever happening. In this situation, you have invested time and perhaps crowdfunded money for no showreel.

Unexpectedly, these groups can sometimes give you an insight into the troubled lives or disputes experienced by members of the local networks. Critical comments, complaints and even abuse can sometimes spill into groups where they do not belong. Being networks, everyone will know everyone else. Unwise comments in Facebook groups end up being discussed during set breaks. Learn to separate your personal lives and feelings from your filmmaking persona. Only contribute if you can be positive.

UK Film Networking Facebook Groups

Remember, this list is not exhaustive. It will get you started but keep alert to other useful groups.

UK Film Network

UK Film makers/ actors/cinematographers/composers



Child Actor (Agent/Parent) Casting, Chaperones & Film Maker UK network

UK Disability Film-Makers

Skateboarders photographers/film Makers uk

Female Film Makers in London

London Filmmakers Network

Filmmakers of London

Film Makers London

London Film Crew Network

London’s South-Eastern Film-Makers!


Female Filmmakers of Farnham

Kent Film-makers

Midlands (UK) film makers.

Midlands Actors & Film Network

Actors & Film-makers In The Midlands

Film-Makers, Models, Actors And Photographers Birmingham

Northern Film Makers UK

Northern Film Makers

The South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network

York Filmmakers Coalition

Film Makers North East

North East Film-makers Society

Four Bridges (NE Film-makers)

North East Theatre Practitioners UK

Liverpool Film Makers

Liverpool Film Makers Platform

South Devon Film making Network

Film Cast Cornwall & SW

Bristol Actors

Scottish Film Makers and Actors

Keep Searching Facebook Groups For Your Location

There are many more Facebook groups around the UK because more start up all the time.

In addition, most local microbudget film producers manage their own Facebook pages. They use these to recruit for their projects and, furthermore, gain an audience for completed films.

And if you don’t find a group suitable for your location? Start one yourself!

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