Actors & Supporting Artists

This page lists our articles aimed at actors and supporting artists, who are also known as extras and background artists.

The industry views acting and extra work as two different professions.

However, there is often an overlap between the two, and actors can find supporting artist work paying more of the bills between acting jobs.

Getting Started: Actors

Facebook Groups UK: Filmmaking Near Me

Casting Websites For UK Actors

Is Starnow Worth Paying For? Jobs (the Mandy Network)

Are Actors Considered Self-Employed?

Screen Actors with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Grants for Actors UK

Do Actors Stay in Hotels?

Can Actors Have Tattoos?

How Does an Actor Get a Role

Does Acting Require Talent?

Where to Start an Acting Career

Actors who Served in the Military

Do Actors Really Kiss?

Casting Type: What actor type are you?

Are Actors Considered Self Employed?

Extras (Supporting/Background Artists)

How To Become A Film And TV Extra in The UK

How Much Do Extras Earn From UK Films & TV?

Best Extras Agencies In London & The UK

Finding An Agent

How to Get an Agent for Acting in the UK

Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

Acting Agencies In London

Acting Agencies In South East England

Acting Agencies In South West England

Acting Agencies In Central England

Acting Agencies In North West England

Acting Agencies In North East England

Acting Agencies In Scotland

Acting Agencies In Wales

Acting Agencies In Northern Ireland

Why Your Agent Provides A Calendar

Fake Agencies: Spotting Them Isn’t Easy


Finding Free Monologues For Your Audition

Monobox & The Monobox Monologue Library

How to Balance Acting and a Job

What to Wear for Headshots

What To Wear To An Audition

How To Get An IMDb Credit

Setting Up the Best Ring Light for Self Tapes

Showreel For Actors

Self Tape Audition Example

Martin McDonagh Monologues

Funny Musical Theatre Songs

What Does A Casting Director Do?

see below for a list of links to Casting Director pages

Training For Actors

Drama School & Actor Training To Start An Acting Career

How To Get Into Acting Without Drama School

Getting Into Drama School In The UK

Accredited Drama Schools UK

Acting Classes in Liverpool

Youth Theatres & Young Actor Companies

Summer Schools for 6th Formers

Oxbridge Summer Schools & Open Days

National Youth Theatre Audition Results Rejection? Try Again!

Acting Techniques & Exercises

Acting Techniques to Build a Believable Character

What is the Stanislavski Method?

Ad Lib: Definition, meaning and examples of Ad Libbing

Tongue Twisters for Voice Actors

Types of Stage Space in Drama

Best Books to Learn Acting

Casting Directors

Sonia Allam

Lucy Allen

Lucy Amos

Jane Anderson

Dorothy Andrew

Shaheen Baig

Briony Barnett

Carolyn Bartlett

Heather Basten

Cerri Bedingfield

Leila Bertrand

Lucy Bevan

Lizzie Bichard

Sarah Bird

Nancy Bishop

Nicky Bligh

Claudia Blunt

Francesca Bradley

Olivia Brittain

Emily Brockmann

Jo Buckingham

Aisha Bywaters

John Cannon

Anji Carroll

Lucy Casson

Claire Catterson

Suzy Catliff

Urvashi Chand

Charlotte Chapman

Andrea Clark

Lou Clouter

Kharmel Cochrane

Ali Coffey

Louise Collins

Anna Cooper

Irene Cotton

Katy Covell

Gordon Cowell

Amy Craig

Kahleen Crawford

Louise Cross

Sarah Crowe

Suzanne Crowley

Claire Curry

Gary Davy

Stephanie Dawes

Gabrielle Dawes

Anna Dawson

Laura Dickens

Catriona Dickie

Kate Dowd

Shakyra Dowling

Carol Dudley

Maureen Duff

Jenny Duffy

Daniel Edwards

Camilla Evans

Lauren Evans

Rachel Freck

Jessie Frost

Martin Gibbons

Ollie Gilbert

Tracey Gillham

Karen Maxwell (nee Goddard)

Nina Gold

Elaine Grainger

Olivia Grant

Francesca Greene

David Grindrod

Emma Gunnery

Des Hamilton

Louis Hammond

Julie Harkin

Lucy Hellier

Rae Hendrie

Simone Pereira Hind

Maddy Hinton

Nicholas Hockaday

Polly Hootkins

Julia Horan

Sharon Howard-Field

Amy Hubbard

Dan Hubbard

Sarah Hughes

Peter Hunt

Maia von Hurter

Alex Irwin

Amy Jackson

Dan Jackson

Emily Jacobs

Jina Jay

Lucy Jenkins

Victor Jenkins

Priscilla John

Alex Johnson

Emily Jones

Sam Jones

Sue Jones

Rob Kelly

Anna Kennedy

Beverley Keogh

Louise Kiely

Sophie Kingston-Smith

Kirsty Kinnear

Suzy Korel

Heidi Lawry

Rick Laxton

Sarah Leung

Karen Lindsay-Stewart

Andreya Lynham

Stephanie MacLean

Tamsyn Manson

Seth Mason

Orla Maxwell

Ri McDaid-Wren

Brenda McNamara

Sooki McShane

Debbie McWilliams

Jemima McWilliams

Nikki Meadows

Frank Moiselle

Stephen Moore

Andy Morgan

Ava Jade Morgan

Carla Morris

Katie Mozumder

Verity Naughton

Sue Needleman

Orla O’Connor

Ruth O’Dowd

Isabella Odoffin

Helena Palmer

Theo Park

Sophie Parrott

Kate Plantin

Gilly Poole

Annelie Powell

Carl Proctor

Andy Pryor

Alice Purser

Gennie Radcliffe

Lucy Rands

Simone Reynolds

Kate Rhodes-James

Kevin Riddle

Kate Ringsell

Sasha Robertson

Jessica Ronane

Laura Scott

Olivia Scott-Webb

Karen Scully

Alice Searby

David Shaw

Gabriella Shimeld-Fenn

Georgia Simpson

Suzanne Smith

Michelle Smith

Janine Snape

Sharon Sorrentino

Xanthe Spencer-Davidson

Wendy Spon

Robert Sterne

Gail Stevens

Sam Stevenson

Amanda Tabak

Vicki Thomson

Emily Tielli

Faye Timby

Nicci Topping

Nathan Toth

Jill Trevellick

Sarah Trevis

Finnian Tweed

Martin Ware

Rose Wicksteed

Catherine Willis

Sarah Wilson

Laura Windows

Rebecca Wright

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