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Allen & Abel is a successful British talent agency representing talented child actors and young performers.

The agency has seen many of its young clients secure work in TV and Film, including Disney+ and big feature films. Others have worked on commercial, theatrical and voiceover jobs. Many have filmed overseas in Europe and California.

Director Heather Allen was one of the 2022 founding members of the AYPA (Agents of Young Performers Association).

This is a genuine, high quality, and selective talent agency.

Age Requirements

Allen & Abel takes on children from the age of 4.

Young performers are considered up to the age of 30.

There are age exceptions in special circumstances. So a working young performer can remain on the roster even after passing their 30th birthday, for example, or someone interesting might be taken on where the agency feels they offer something exceptional.

Location Requirements

Generally, Allen & Abel limit child actor representation to children who live within an hour of London.

Why? Because castings take place with little warning, usually in central London, and can’t be turned down without damaging the reputation of both the actor and agency. Child actors, like adult actors, are competing for a role against several, if not many other contenders, and so will typically only win a fraction of the jobs they audition for, and are continually seeking work. Travelling long distances at little notice would be disruptive to schooling and tiring for the youngster, who has to have an excellent school attendance record and be in great health when applying for a child performance licence to accept an offer of work.

Older teenagers over licensing age are in a better position to travel long distances for castings, but note that actors normally cover their own casting costs.

So Allen & Abel will consider applications for representation from older teenagers and young adults who are reliable, talented, and both physically and financially able to travel to central London frequently – with little notice.

Think carefully about whether you can realistically meet these demands.


The website at is updated when the agency is looking for new actors.

All applications are reviewed.

If the agency is interested in considering your application further, they will be in touch to arrange a meeting.

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