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  • Allen & Abel Acting Agency

    Allen & Abel Acting Agency

    Allen & Abel is a successful British talent agency representing talented child actors and young performers.

  • Acting for Kids

    Acting for Kids

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    It’s difficult to know how to get into acting for kids and teens if you don’t know much about the entertainment industry or even performing arts in general. So we’ll cover the basics in this guide to acting for kids.

  • Self Tape Audition Example

    Self Tape Audition Example

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    Wondering how to do a self tape and need to see a self tape audition example?

  • PD Management: London Talent Agency For Kids

    PD Management: London Talent Agency For Kids

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    PD Management is a London-based talent agency representing talented child actors and musical theatre performers, from 4 to 18 years old. Acceptance is via audition only. From there the youngsters are registered on Spotlight and submitted for work in  theatre, TV, film and commercial work. It’s a long standing and genuine talent agency for kids,…

  • Baby Modelling Agencies UK

    Baby Modelling Agencies UK

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    Baby modelling agencies can find modelling work for your baby or toddler. Watch out for the costs and scam agencies though! In our article about Modelling for Babies and Toddlers, we explained why it’s your infant’s temperament as much of their looks which makes them suitable (or not) for baby and toddler casting calls. Then…

  • Modelling For Babies & Toddlers

    Modelling For Babies & Toddlers

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    Modelling for babies and toddlers sounds glamorous and well paid, but the reality can be hard on parents. Baby and toddler models are needed throughout the year to help sell products and services on TV, websites and magazines. For the lucky few, it’s a lucrative head start for young adulthood later on. And for those…

  • Purple Giraffe Talent Agency

    Purple Giraffe Talent Agency

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    Purple Giraffe is a boutique talent agency for child actors, based in North West England. The quality of young performers on their books, and positive relationship with parents, earned this agency its place on our list of reputable UK Agencies for Child Actors. A Northern Agency For Child Actors  The Purple Giraffe Talent Agency opened…

  • Stagebox Management

    Stagebox Management

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    Stagebox Management is a leading Children’s Talent Agency with clients performing in professional lead roles both nationally and internationally. Established as the smallest, most elite, agency in Britain, it is home to the stars of today and tomorrow. Bringing the first Hollywood-Style Management to the UK, they pride themselves on nurturing talent and providing holistic…

  • Signature Model and Acting Agency

    Signature Model and Acting Agency

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    Signature Model and Acting Agency was established back in 2013. It’s a family based agency whose management team, including owner Jo Ahmet, gained extensive experience in all fields within the industry. Signature is a reputable talent agency for child actors and models. They represent: Ages 0-21 years Boys & girls Babies Toddlers Children Teenagers Young…

  • How To Become A Teenage Actor

    How To Become A Teenage Actor

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    Wondering how to become a teenage actor and find auditions for teenage actors? You’re fed up with homework and boring lessons and don’t know what the future holds. After watching your favourite Netflix show you suddenly realise…you’ll become a teenage actor! After all, that will be an easy and glamorous job to do and pays…