Acting Agencies In The UK

Acting Agencies In North West England

Research Every Agency you Intend To Apply To

There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to an agency. It will help you avoid scams, and make a better impression on the good agents. Have you read our article Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?


Can you see evidence that performers get regular paid work through the agency?

Acting Agencies In Manchester, Liverpool And The North West

Actors Direct Ltd

  • Located in Manchester (M9 5SH), also offices in London
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established 1994
  • No supporting artiste (extras) work, only professional acting jobs
  • Applications only from professionally trained or experienced actors
  • Email or post CV, headshot and covering letter
  • If you have an upcoming show or showcase, give the agency a month’s notice

The Actors’ Group

  • Located in Manchester (M4 5JW)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Actors co-operative established in 1980
  • theatre, television, film, radio, commercials, corporate and role play work
  • Represented talent each work two or three days in the agency office every two months
  • Apply via email or post, with CV, headshot and covering letter
  • At least two members must see you perform via showreel or stage performance

Allstars Actors Management

  • Located in M28 1FG
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Michelle Hurne established Little Allstars for child actors and then expanded to create Allstars Actors Management for adult performers
  • Represents actors from all around the UK
  • Twitter feed @allstarsactors ended 2018 but busy Facebook page, Instagram 
  • The ‘About Us’ page gives clear instructions for applications
  • If you are Spotlight registered, your submission material is different to inexperienced actors
  • Everyone must apply ONLY via the email address given in the ‘About Us’ page and include all supporting material listed in the instructions

Allstars Casting

  • Located in Liverpool (L1 9BZ)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established by experienced actor and director Sylvie Gatrill 
  • Actors, models, supporting artists (extras) and child actors
  • Not clear if you have to attend the workshops and classes in acting and modelling but looks like the two businesses are interlinked
  • Twitter feed @AllStarCasting ended 2014 but actor Spotlight profiles live and showing Allstars as their agent
  • Performers can be represented with or without Spotlight membership 

AL Management

  • Located in Salford (M50 2EQ)
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Established in 2017 by Adrian Lawler 
  • Represents musicians and bands for performance and production
  • Not an acting agency

Amber Personal Management Ltd

  • Located in Manchester (M1 2EQ)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established 1986
  • Film, television, theatre, radio and voiceover work
  • Represent about 90 adult and child actors
  • Busy Twitter feed @ambermgmt
  • Applicants should be professionally trained or extensive experience, and already be a Spotlight member
  • Apply via the dedicated email address on the website

Andrea Price Management

  • Located in Stockport (SK5 6QG)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Child actors in the APM Kids division
  • Busy Facebook Page

Artist Management UK Ltd

  • Located in Liverpool (L9 8AZ)
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Established 2005 and using original website
  • No actor credits found after 2011 and profiles didn’t link through to Spotlight
  • No social media presence 

Boss Casting

  • Located in Manchester (M4 1DW)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Extras agency for support artiste work
  • Children, teens and adults represented

Celebrity Booker

  • Located in M4 5JW
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • See our listing for Celebrity Booker in the London agents section (under C)

Chatfield Actor Management

  • Located in Manchester (M4 4TG)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Website clicks through to Greenroom
  • Greenroom management said applications require CV, headshot and showreel & give two weeks’ notice for live performances
  • Very small roster of actors and unclear why the change of agency name
  • We don’t think this is connected to Greenroom  (SE23 2ET) 
  • Twitter feed @cactormgmt

Circuit Personal Management Ltd

  • Located in Manchester (M12 6HS)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Actors’ co-operative established in 1998
  • Members work in the office for 3-5 days every 3 months
  • So prefer actors based in the North West
  • The ‘representation’ page has information about the actors they are currently looking to take on
  • Apply via the stated email address and attach all requested material
  • You should already possess a Spotlight page

Class – Carline Lundon Associates

  • Located in Liverpool (L8 7NZ)
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • No website or social media presence May 2019

Deus Management

  • Located in Worsley, M28 2JU
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Celebrity PR, events etc
  • Not an actors’ casting agency

Devine Artist Management

  • Located in Manchester, M3 1NP
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Fresh young faces to established professionals
  • Applications ONLY by the email address on the Contact page
  • Include a CV & Headshot, plus link to showreel if you have one
  • A meeting or opportunity to see you perform is essential
  • The Facebook and Twitter accounts have been closed
  • The website shows no news page or list of represented actors

EKA Model Management (and Eurokids)

  • Located in Warrington, WA3 4AQ
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts but no links on website to actor Spotlight profiles
  • Eurokids was created in 1996 by Debbie, followed by the adult division EKA in 1999
  • Featured, Main Roles, Commercials, Extra’s, Walk-Ons and Models
  • Twitter feed @EKAandEuroKids last updated April 2019 (as at May 2019) but the popular Facebook page is still going strong
  • Dedicated ‘join agency’ page

Elite Talent Actors Agency

  • Located in Manchester, M9 6TA
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Established 2007 but as at May 2019 no website found
  • Facebook page posts ended 2017 and Twitter feed @EliteActorsUK updates stopped 2018

EOC Management

  • Located in Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 3WU
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded by experienced agent Una Evans-O’Connell
  • Actors and musical theatre performers
  • Represent new and fresh talent from all over the country
  • Active Facebook Page

Gadbury Personal Management

  • Located in Atherton, Manchester, M46 9JQ
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts but no evidence of Spotlight profiles or speaking roles
  • Actors, featured and support artists (extras)
  • £50 to join, taken from first paypacket
  • £25 annual representation fee
  • Latest news (as at June 2019) hasn’t been updated since 2013, while credits on the ‘about us’ page were last updated in 2016
  • No active social media presence or online company accounts found i June 2019
  • Books open to anyone living legally in the UK over the age of 16
  • Follow the instructions on the ‘Join Us’ page

Gag Reflex Ltd

  • Located in Manchester, M40 5BJ
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Company incorporated 2004; Lee Martin is the Director 
  • In June 2019 we couldn’t find agency social media accounts, but there is a news page on the website 
  • Focus on representing comedians – stand-up, musical/sketch/physical comedy, cabaret
  • Applications ONLY to the email specified in the Contact page
  • Include your latest biog, showreel and gig list

Icon Actors Management

  • Located in Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6FZ
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded in 1969
  • Part of the PHA group (PHA Agency, Icon and Rare Talent)
  • Busy Facebook Page and Twitter feed @IconActorsMGMT
  • ‘Work with us’ clicks through to the PHA application form

Jane Hollowood Associates Ltd

  • Located in Manchester, M1 1EH
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established 1998
  • Active Twitter feed @JaneHollowood and news shown on website
  • Apply ONLY via the email address on the Contact page
  • Send Spotlight link or CV with recent jpg

JB Associates

  • Address in Manchester, M19 0AR
  • Was listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Associated with the Tongue and Groove voiceover agency
  • No website, online company accounts or social media presence found in 2019

JLA Talent Group

  • Located in Manchester, M40 5BJ, with a second office in London
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded 2016
  • Directors Jamie Lomas, Simone Clark and Archie Purnell have between them worked in acting, modelling, casting and production
  • Represents “a select list of actors & creative including household names and fresh new, emerging talent”
  • Busy Facebook page and Twitter feed @JLA_Talent
  • Applications ONLY via the email address specified on the website home page
  • CV, headshot and covering letter required

Kay Purcell Management

  • Located in Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 2LT
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded in 2009 by experienced performer Kay Purcell
  • Associated with the Purcell Drama Academy/ Aim2B
  • “Alongside the agency we run regular workshops in-house & have a professional (actor/singer/dancer/casting director) a few times a year who will run master class”
  • Applications ONLY via email
  • Attach CV and photograph

Laine Management Ltd

  • Located in Eccles, Manchester, M30 9LF
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Represents actors, commercial artistes and extras
  • Established more than 35 years ago
  • Associated with Laine Management Theatre Workshop, Child and Adult Drama classes for 4yrs and upwards
  • “Our drama workshops are invaluable to Laine Management, as this is where we find most of our new talent”
  • Busy Twitter feed @samlainemgt

LHK Management

  • Located in WA9 5GJ
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Theatre & pantomime production company founded by Lee Kelly in 2005
  • Represents pop acts and TV personalities, as well as local talent including a youth division
  • The ‘casting’ tab and Facebook page lists open audition dates for LHK Youth Theatre and agency representation

LimeLight Actors Agency

  • Located in Glossop, Greater Manchester, SK13 1NF
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Actors and background artists for film,tv,theatre,commercials, Roleplay and corporate castings throughout the UK
  • Couldn’t see social media activity or news page in June 2019
  • Applications ONLY via the email specified on the website
  • Include headshot. CV and showreel

Majestic International – Majestic Models & Casting

  • Located in Chester (CH3 5EB) and Covent Garden, London
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Modelling agency whose models also appear in Commercials
  • Busy Facebook page 
  • The ‘apply’ page gives clear and comprehensive instructions about the photo required 

Melanie McDonagh Management

  • Located in Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, BB5 0FB
  • Was listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Twitter feed ended 2009 @academycasting
  • In June 2019 no website, online company accounts or active social media presence was found

Melody Thresh Management Associates Ltd (MTM)

  • Located in Manchester, M5 3EB
  • Was listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Company accounts incorporated 1998 and dissolved in March 2019

Mint Casting Agency Ltd

  • Located in Manchester, M2 7EP with further contacts in Leeds and Liverpool
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • Extras, sports extras, commercials, chaperones and kids
  • Sole agent
  • Initial workshop allows extras to be listed for future commercial submissions
  • Initial charge to be added to the database of £35+vat; deducted from your first paypacket
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Must use the agency photographer
  • Regular acting workshops which you can choose to attend
  • You can self-edit your agency profile
  • Must live within 50 miles of the extras job submitted for (not just have a base there)
  • To apply, follow the instructions on the ‘apply’ page
  • Active Facebook page and Twitter feed @mintcasting

Morello Cherry Actors Agency

  • Located in Manchester, M3 4EN
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established 2007 by Darren Gordon and Joe Moan
  • You can’t see the roster but the news page is busy 
  • Active Twitter feed @MorelloCherryAA
  • Applications ONLY by email
  • Include Spotlight link – so you must already be a member
  • Also add links to showreel and a covering letter

North West Actors 

  • Originally located in Bury, BL9 7EW – now moved to Burnley
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established in 2007 by Nigel Adams, but as at June 2019 is run by Cate Northern
  • Represents actors based in North West England and London
  • Represents actors aged 16+ years
  •  No extras, models or walk-ons
  • Applications by email or post
  • Include Spotlight profile and headshot
  • Preferably add an online link to your showreel or details of any show you can be seen in

Ology Kids Casting

  • Based in Ormskirk
  • Represents children and young performers
  • On our list of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors
  • See our separate article about Ology Kids Casting

Pan Artists Agency Ltd

  • According to Spotlight Contacts the agency is located in Sale (M33 4JX) but the agency website shows a Bolton address (BL1 4QR)
  • Actors and extras covering Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool , North Wales and Lancaster
  • Established 1973
  • To apply, complete the form on the ‘recruiting’ page – but in June 2019 it states ‘We are not recruiting until 2018’
  • Facebook page not updated since 2012, no Twitter feed
  • Company accounts show the business is still active

Piccadilly Management

  • Located in Manchester, M4 4DE
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Represents actors from around the UK
  • Active Facebook page 

Power Promotions

  • Address in Liverpool (L13 0EF)
  • Was listed on Spotlight Contacts 
  • As at June 2019, no website or social media presence

Purple Giraffe

  • Based in Congleton, Cheshire
  • On our list of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors

Rare Talent Actors

  • Located in Manchester, M12 6FZ
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Actors’ division of the PHA Group
  • Active Twitter feed @_Rare_Talent
  • The applications page is on the PHA Group website, with clear instructions

Red Door Management

  • Located in London and Salford
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Busy Facebook page and Twitter feed @reddoormgmt
  • Applications by post must be sent to Manchester office
  • Emailed applications are preferred, using the contact form on the ‘representation’ page
  • Follow the instructions for supporting material needed

RDDC Management Agency (Rossendale Dance And Drama Centre)

  • Located in Rossendale (BB4 9DS)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Represent children and young adults who are pupils of the Rossendale Dance and Drama Centre

Seven Agency Management

  • Located in central Manchester (M2 4WQ)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established 1998
  • Represent actors, extras, models, presenters and child performers
  • Books always open to applicants
  • Apply via the online application form
  • Terms and conditions – including commission rates – clearly specified online
  • Good FAQ page
  • But all social media output appears to have stopped 2 years ago

Stark Talent

  • Located in Salford (M7 2FZ)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established 2014 by two actors with wide industry experience
  • Mostly supporting artists (extras) represented but the do have a small roster of local professional actors
  • Commercials, TV productions, Films, Music Videos & Corporate Films throughout the North West 
  • Apply for representation via the JOIN STARK page of their website
  • All actors seen by audition or performance before acceptance

Stirling Management

  • Located in Bolton (BL1 8AN0
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established 2009 by Glen Mortimer
  • Represents actors for TV, film, commercials, theatre and corporate filming
  • Apply by email to the email address on the website
  • All young performers on the books attend the Stirling Young Talent drama classes at Stirling Academy
  • Adults can attend the Stirling Academy acting classes even if not represented by the agency

Take2 Management

  • Located in Manchester (M4 1FS) and Leeds
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Boutique agency established in 2013
  • Founder Martha Currie works with agents Lois McCrory and Christ Maloney (formerly of Beverley Keogh Casting Ltd)

Triple Threat Agency

  • Located in Sale (M33 7GA)
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Boutique theatrical agency
  • Established 2017 by Stalder Productions
  • Represents actors, dancers, singers, babies, children and young performers
  • For modelling, TV, dance and musical theatre work
  • CV, headshot and (if you have one, showreel) to specified email on website
  • If they are interested, you will be invited to audition

Urban Talent

  • Located in Manchester (MM2 3WQ)
  • Don’t muddle google results up with Urban Talent in Salt Lake City, USA
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Established in 1996
  • Agents Julie Holt and Joi Rouncefield work for Director Nigel Martin Smith (the original manager of Take That)
  • Busy news page
  • Represent actors for television, film, theatre, radio and advertising work
  • All applications to be sent by email to the email address on the agency website
  • Include your recent headshot, CV and showreel
  • They’ll contact you if they want a meeting or to see you perform
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