Acting Agencies In Belfast And Northern Ireland

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Acting Agencies in Belfast and Northern Ireland

We carried out a review of almost a thousand talent agencies across the UK. This page summarises our findings of acting agencies in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Research Before The Application

There’s a lot of research you must do before applying to any agency.

It will help you avoid scams. Also, you’ll make a better impression on the agents you approach.

Have you read our article Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

Acting Agencies In Belfast And Northern Ireland

Remember: Can you see independent evidence that performers get regular paid work through the agency?

Independent Agency (I, a.)

  • Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Actors for Film and TV, Theatre and Corporate Engagements
  • Male, female, and voice actors
  • Twitter account last used July 2019 (as at January 2020)
  • No Facebook Group
  • Actor profiles include links to Spotlight and IMDb

Jobbing Actors

  • Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Founded by 2015 by Denis Halligan
  • Represents actors and models for wide range of jobs of all sizes
  • Also self taping services and recording studio
  • Unusually for the industry, represented talent are offered a range of free services
  • Headshots, showreels, voicereels – provided in house
  • Self taping, development plans, etc – also provided by agency
  • Website has an excellent, clear explanation of application process
  • Email your CV, Headshot, Spotlight Link and Showreel to specified address
  • Preference given to professionally trained applicants 
  • Send complimentary tickets with advance notice to be seen in a show
  • Voice actors to submit a Voicereel (MP3 attachment, or link to Soundcloud etc), Headshot, and experience to specified email address
  • Twitter use ceased May 2019 (as at February 2020)
  • Active Facebook page

Nova Artists

  • Located in Northern Ireland
  • Facebook group busy and lots of engagement (February 2020)
  • Active Twitter account @nova_artists (February 2020)
  • over twenty years experience of film, television and theatre
  • run by Colin Ash and Michael Poole

Premier Artists

  • Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Not connected to Premier Artists in London or Australia
  • Film, Television, Theatre etc
  • Actors are professionally trained
  • Established in 2012 by experienced actor Ed McCann
  • Formerly the Inbetween Agency
  • Twitter account last updated 2015
  • Facebook group busy and lots of engagement (February 2020)

Redrush Talent

  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts at an address in Killinchy, Newtownards, BT23 6PN
  • Twitter feed @RedRushTalent last updated mid-2017 (as at June 2019)
  • In June 2019, the website did not work

Rising Talent

  • Located in Northern Ireland
  • Dedicated acting agency for young people
  • Screen, stage, voiceover, child extras
  • Regulated by the Department for the Economy
  • Workshops and training throughout the year
  • Run by founder and Principal of The Pamela Cassells School of Performance
  • Very busy Facebook page with high level of engagement with parents

The Extras Dept

  • Located in Northern Ireland
  • Extras Agency
  • Everyone must reside in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland
  • Adults, teenagers, children aged 2 and over
  • Free to join, no training or experience required
  • Easy to apply and no audition/meeting required
  • Decent home photos accepted
  • Clear and well designed website with helpful guides
  • Annual registration fee and commission rates set out clearly for applicants
  • Twitter account last used in 2017 (as at February 2020)
  • Tens of thousands of likes & follows on Facebook
  • The Facebook Page is busy

Other Options Available To Aspiring Actors