Acting Agencies: Which One Is Right For You?

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Hundreds of agencies for actors exist across the UK, serving different specialisms and niches. One size does not fit all.

We’ve pulled together dozens of pages of agency lists with our own short summary on each one. It has taken us weeks to do and should help you identify which options are worth pursuing.

Just don’t forget to do your own research before firing off an application!

Acting Agencies

If you know what you are doing, you can use the links in this section to click straight through to our lists and summaries on different pages.

If you aren’t sure how to research and approach agencies, please take the time to read this page to the end.

We’ve had to put our summaries about each agency on to different pages because of the sheer quantity of information.

Acting Agencies Near Me

Signing up with an acting agency near you isn’t necessary. After all, your castings will mostly happen in London and Manchester.

So do take a look at the Acting Agencies In London even if you live elsewhere.

But there are some key advantages to choosing a nearby talent agency.

Firstly, the agent can see you perform on stage. It gives them enthusiasm and excitement about what you can do. Hopefully, that would get fed into your submissions. And when the production is creating a local social media buzz, it’s easier for the agent to take part.

Secondly, regional productions may come directly to local agencies. Bringing actors out of London costs money to feed and house them, even if the digs are far from glamorous. Productions which rely on their regional setting seek actors who are genuine to that environment. 

Local auditions save you a fortune in travel costs and significantly increase your chance of booking work. But don’t get too excited – paid regional work is thin on the ground.

Getting An Acting Agent Is Difficult

Before you fire off an application to Curtis Brown or Troika because they represent the superstar actors, remember that they’ll reject you because they only represent the superstar actors. When you’ve become a regular on a successful TV series, that’s the time to approach them.

Unfortunately, your chances of representation by less elite agencies aren’t great either. With 60,000 Spotlight members plus tens of thousands of hopefuls without professional training or credits, there are a lot of people chasing a limited number of opportunities.

Every agency is inundated by applications day in and day out. There are too many even to send out a response to everyone.

In the meantime, be resourceful. Investigate casting websites, Facebook groups, make a short film or two, develop a local network, and keep training. Never sit and wait for the phone to ring, even when you have an agent.

Avoid Talent Agency Scams

There are many ways an agency can prey on you. Whether it’s an agency which isn’t really putting your forward for work or is a genuine agency making money from charging you rather than earning the commission from your work, you lose out.

Charging you for representation, insisting you pay the agency (rather than a quality, independent photographer) for photos and showreel, or insisting on paid workshops which offer little value should make you walk away.

When you’re researching an agency that looks promising, check that their talent works regularly. Click through to the Spotlight profiles of each performer shown on the website – we were surprised how often this raised questions.

There are some agencies that make us uncomfortable.
Offering representation without application or meeting. Mandatory costs for clients that never seem to gain work. Individuals and networks that don’t look and feel right.

Find out more in our article about fake agencies.

Do Your Own Research

Our lists should help you quickly identify which agencies to approach. But now you need to do some research.

Agencies don’t like a mailshot application sent to ‘sir’. Your specialism, background, ambitions, and personality needs to gel with the individual business and team. You need to show you have considered this.

  • Apply using the correct method – if you can’t do this, you aren’t reliable enough for this hectic industry
  • Attach the required material – if they want a Spotlight link and you don’t have one, you aren’t at the right stage of your career for that agency
  • Address the relevant person in the agency by name, unless you’ve been instructed to specify ATTN All Agents in the subject header

It’s Only The First Step

Getting an acting agent is a great achievement. But it only means you now have a professional putting you forward for work. They can help assess your photos, showreel, and CV. Their advice about your casting type and opportunities should be invaluable.

Ultimately, though, whether you actually get any paid work relies on getting into the casting room and being the best person for that role. 

And meanwhile you’ll have to keep your agency calendar maintained on a daily basis to ensure you are available for the work you’re submitted for.

Keep training, networking, creating your own work and strive to get better at your craft.