Acting Agencies in London

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Acting Agencies in London

Are you a performer wanting to apply for representation with acting agencies in London? 

HUGE numbers of people want to be actors in the UK. Thirty years ago, equity membership was difficult to earn and essential for entry into the industry. Today, anyone can try their hand, which means fierce competition for every agency place, audition slot, and acting job.

Meanwhile, talent agencies interested in taking beginners under their wing are routinely scouring the talent showcases of top drama schools. That makes it hard to get your first footing with a reputable talent agent if you’re trying to get into acting without drama school.

So before you send out your resume to every acting agency in London, take the following steps:

  1. Get your headshots, showreel, CV and Spotlight link ready
  2. Identify agencies whose roster reflects the same stage of training and experience you have
  3. Check their application requirements 
  4. Follow them on social media to see the ork their clients get and when their books are open
  5. Send them ALL the items they request, in the FORMAT they request
  6. Do not phone, call into the office, or send follow up emails

If you are a beginner and apply to an agency representing household names or only actors who trained at drama school, you are wasting everyone’s time. If you don’t have headshots or showreel, start picking up experience through a casting website. It will quickly show you how tough this profession is.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for scam agencies. They’ll often approach you first, and you’ll find it easy to join their books…for a fee, or expensive portfolio.

If you are drama school trained, on Spotlight, and based in London….

Co-Operative Acting Agencies

Let’s start with co-operative acting agencies. These are ONLY for Spotlight registered actors who have professionally trained at drama school. As part of the deal is to help run the office and management of the agency, you also need to be permanently resident in London.

Actors Alliance

Actors’ Creative Team

The Actors File

Actors Network Agency

Actorum Ltd

Alpha Actors

Arena Personal Management Ltd

AXM (Actors Exchange Management)

CCM Actors

City Actors Management

Crescent Management

Denmark Street Management

Independent Management Limited

Inspiration Management

NorthOne Management

Performance Actors Agency

Phoenix Actors Management 

Play Actors

Rogues & Vagabonds Management Ltd

Rosebery Management Ltd

Stage Centre Management Ltd

1984 Personal Management Ltd

If you are drama school trained and on Spotlight…

Not for Beginners

A lot of agencies explicitly state that applicants MUST have various combinations of drama school training, Spotlight membership, and experience. These include:

Access Artiste Management Ltd

Actors International Ltd

Agentur Kerstin Neuhaus

AHA Talent Ltd

AIM Associated International Management LLP

All Talent Agency

Althea Screen Actor’s Agency

Amanda Sarosi Associates

The American Agency

ART MIX Management

BBA Management

B&M Creative Artists

Bohemia Group

British Talent Agency

Broadcasting Agency Management

Brood Management

Brown and Mills (BAM)

BTM – Boss Talent Management

The Cairns Agency

Claypole Management

Core Management

Cre8 Talent Ltd

DCH Management

Denton Brierley

Ethnika Casting

Gaelforce 10 Management


Gardner Herrity Ltd

Jackson Entertainment

James Foster Ltd

Jeffrey and White Management

Jewell Wright Ltd

JL Associates

Keddie Scott Associates Ltd

KP Talent Management

KR Management

L H A London (Lowy Hamilton Artists)

Macfarlane Doyle Associates

Marcus and McCrimmon

Marta Rubio Agency

McMahon Management

Michelle Braidman Associates Ltd

Midwest Talent Management

Monster Voice

Morgan The Agency

Morrissey Management

MSFT Management (Management in Stage, Film & Television)

The Narrow Road Company

Nic Knight Management

Nolan Muldoon Agency

O’Sullivan The Actors Agent

Outlaw Management

Pace Theatre Company

Paola Farino

Red Door Vision

RE-PM (Raif Eyles Personal Management)

Rowe Associates

Royce Management

Russell Smith Associates


Sean Holmes Management Limited

Suzann Wade

TCA Jed Root

Tildsley France Associates

Twenty-Nine Five Group

Victoria Lepper Associates

West Central Management

Grantham-Hazeldine Ltd only offers representation after seeing an applicant’s work, and you may find many other talent agencies apply the same criteria. That’s why it’s often a good idea to apply for representation while you’re appearing in a London show, so you can send an invitation to the show along with your application.

In reality, most of london’s reputable acting agencies will expect Spotlight membership, experience, and drama school training from serious applicants, even if they don’t explicitly state it on their websites like the talent agencies above. A highly regarded agency such as Sainou, to give one of many, many examples, will be inundated every day with applications from actors with these backgrounds.

If you are a drama student…..


Some agencies only represent students and alumni from their theatre arts and acting schools. Some of these are aimed at children and young people under the age of 21, others concentrate on adults.

Allsorts Drama for Children (via Sasha Leslie Management)

Barbara Speake Agency

Italia Conti Agency Ltd

I.A.G. (Identity Agency Group) – must attend Identity School of Acting

Esta Charkham Associates, which represents both adults and children, requires all their child actors to attend West London Drama Training.

FEA Management (Ferris Entertainment) takes on actors recommended by the screen acting masterclass instructors.

The Independent Theatre Workshop is a Theatre school in Eire, one of many good options for Irish aspiring actors who don’t want to move to London.

If you are already successful….

Top London Agencies

Your first instinct to get your acting career underway may be to approach a leading London talent agency with a roster full of household names. 

But the Top 10 Acting Agencies will be interested in hearing from you after you have won notable stage and screen awards, appear as a main character in a top TV or West End show, and are constantly working. Even then, they may approach you first.

So when you are looking for an acting agency as a beginner, you can cross the following elite acting agencies in London off your list:

Angel & Francis Ltd

Artists Rights Group (ARG Talent)

The Artists Partnership

Conway van Gelder Grant

Curtis Brown (part of the Curtis Brown Group) 

Hamilton Hodell

Independent Talent Group

Markham Froggatt & Irwin (part of the Curtis Brown Group)

Tavistock Wood (part of the Curtis Brown Group)


United Agents

William Morris Endeavor (WME)

You’ll also see that AHA Talent Ltd, Bloomfields Welch Management, Blue Book Artist Management, and many others, have busy and successful actors on their roster. This tells you the competition for places on their roster will be fierce.

Off The Kerb Productions is a leading comedy agency.

If you are young….

Are You A Young Performer?

Your age matters to talent agencies. Some only accept applicants over 16, 18 or 21. 

Others only represent children and young people under 25, or in the case of Allen and Abel between the ages of 4 and 30. For example:

A&J Artists

Alphabet Kidz / Alphabet Agency

Bodens Agency

D & B Management

Daisy and Dukes

Maddie’s Talent Management (MTM)

PD Management

Stagebox Management

Only a minority of acting agencies choose to represent both adults and children. For example:

Actors World Production

Advocate Agency Ltd

AK Agents

AKM Talent Management

Allen & Abel

Amazon Artists Management

Becky Barrett Management

BMA (British Management Agencies) Artists

Bonnie and Betty

Break A Leg Management Ltd

Brown and Mills Entertainment (BAM Kidz)

Creative Kidz & Adultz

Dee Boss Talent Management

F & I Associates

Hamlet Management

Hashtag Talent Agency

Irish Actors London

LADA Management

Northbridge Talent Agency

Royce Management

VJ Management

There can be further restrictions.

Allen and Abel only represent children and youngsters living within an hour of central London. Meanwhile, the adult division at Bonnie and Betty specialises in commercial casting, although it also represents a select number of young performers for TV, Film, Voiceover & Stage.

See also our page on talent agencies for UK child actors and teenage actors.

If you’re looking for a mark of quality….

Members of the PMA 

The Personal Managers Association is a membership organisation promoting and maintaining high standards in the talent agency profession. Membership gives you confidence that these are serious businesses with a long term vision.

This is the list of PMA Members in November 2022.

Not all of these agencies represent actors, and not all are in London, so do your homework BEFORE contacting them!

33 Artist Management 

42 Management

Abi Darling at Brynmoor 


AHA Talent Ltd 


AK Agents 

Alan Brodie Representation Ltd (writers, directors, composers)

Andrew Harding Management 

Angel and Francis

Anita Alraun Representation 

APM Associates

Apollo Artist Management 

Artists Rights Group

Ashrow Talent Management 

Aston Management

Audere Talent Management 

BC Creative Ltd

Belfield and Ward 

Beresford Management

Berlin Associates 

Blake Friedmann Literary Agency (not actors)

Bloomfields Welch Management 

Blue Book Artist Management (comedy)

Brennan Artists Associates (Scotland)

Brood Management

BWH Agency 

Byram Hancock Associates (merger of Paul Bryam & Hancock Agency)

Byrons Management 

Carey Dodd Associates

Caroline Dawson Associates 

Cary Parsons Management (not actors)

Casarotto Ramsay (not actors)

CBL Management (Brighton)

CCA Management 

Cecily Ware Literary Agents (not actors)

Cherry Parker Management 

Chris Davis Management

Claire Hoath Management 

Clare Vidal-Hall (not actors)

Clarendon Personal Management 

Collective Agents

Conway van Gelder Grant 

Core MGMT Ltd

Coulter Management Agency Ltd 

Creative Artist Management

Creative Media Management (not actors)

Cruickshank Cazenove (not actors)

Culverhouse Associates (not actors)

Curtis Brown

D&B Management (14-21 year olds)

Daisy and Dukes

David Ball Ltd 

David Higham Associates (not actors)


Dench Arnold Agency (not actors)

Denton Brierley 

Diamond Management

DPA Management 

Eamonn Bedford

Echo Artists (not actors)

Elaine Steel Management (not actors)

Emptage Hallett 

Esta Charkham Associates

Excellent Talent 

Feast Management

Felix De Wolfe 

Fillingham Weston Associates (not actors)

First Call Management 

FLP Management


Gardner Herrity


Gavin Barker Associates

Gemma Hirst Associates Ltd (not actors)

Global Artists

Gordon and French 

Grantham-Hazeldine Ltd

Hamilton Hodell 

Hannah Layton Management

Hatch Talent 

Haworth Agency (not actors)

Hilary Gagan Associates 

Howard Cooke Associates

Hunwick Associates (Scotland)

iD Agency

iD Talent Identity Agency Group

Independent Talent 

Infinity Artists (Scotland)

Innovate Talent Management 

Insanity Group (not actors)

Insight Management

InterTalent (AC) Ltd 

JPA Management (High Wycombe)

Jeffrey and White Management

Jessica Carney Associates 

JFL Agency Ltd (not actors)

Jonathan Arun Group (JAG.) 

Jonathan Clowes Ltd (not actors)

Jorg Betts Associates (musical theatre)

Josef Weinberger Ltd (not actors)

Judy Daish Associates (not actors)

Julia Tyrrell Management (not actors)

Julian Belfrage Associates 

JWL – Jewell Wright Ltd

Katie Threlfall Associates 

Keddie Scott Associates

Kelly Everitt Associates

Ki Agency (not actors)

Kitson Press Associates (not actors)

Knight Hall Agency (not actors)


LJP Management

Linda Seifert Management (not actors)

Lisa Richards Agency

Lizanne Crowther Management Ltd

Lorraine Brennan Management

Lou Coulson

Lovett Logan Associates

Lowy Hamilton – LHA London

Mac and Jeal 

Macfarlane Chard Associates Ltd

MacNaughton Lord Representation (not actors)

McEwan and Penford

Maison 2 Ltd

Mandy Ward Artist Management

Marcus and McCrimmon

Markham Froggatt and Irwin

MBA Literary Agents (not actors)

McLean-Williams Management

Media Artists Group

Mia Thomson Associates

Micheline Steinberg Associates (not actors)

Michelle Blair Management

Michelle Braidman Ltd

Michelle Kass Associates (not actors)

Middleweek Newton Talent Management 

Milburn Browning 

Mondi Associates 

Morwenna Preston Management. 

Mostyn & Cross 

MR Management 

Mrs Jordan Associates 

MSFT Management 

Nancy Hudson Associates 

The Narrow Road Company

Nelson Browne Management Ltd

Network Artist Management (Scotland)

New Wonder Management 

Nick Turner Management 

Nina Lee Management 

Noel Gay 

NR1 Creatives Ltd 

Olivia Bell Management 

Orlando Gray Management 

Paling and Jenkins 

Pangolin Talent 

PBJ Management 

Pelham Associates 

Performing Arts Artists’ Management (not actors)

Price Gardner Management 

Q Talent 

Red Talent Management 

Rebecca Blond Associates 

Revolution Talent 

Roberts & Day Management 

Rochelle Stevens & Co (not actors)

Roger Carey Associates 

Rossmore Personal Management 

Roxane Vacca Management 

Russell Smith Associates 


Sally Hope Associates 

Sandra Boyce Management 

Savages Personal Management 

Sayle Screen (not actors)

Scott Marshall 

SD Talent Management 

Shack Artists 

Sharkey and Co Theatrical Agents 

Sharon Henry Management 

Sheil Land (not actors)

Shepherd Management 

Shepperd Fox 

Simon and How Associates 

Sophie Chapman Talent 

Soundcheck Agency 

Stanton and Davidson Associates

Steve Kenis and Company 

Steve Nealon Associates 

Stevenson Withers Associates Ltd 

Strange Town Agency 

Suzann Wade Agency 

Sylvia Young Talent Consultants CIC 

The Agency (not actors)

The Artists Partnership 

The Foundry Personal Management 

The Markham Agency 

The Production Exchange 

The Saffron Group 

The Soho Agency (not actors)

Tildsley France 

Thrive Talent 

Toogood Management 


United Agents 

VH Associates (not actors)

Victoria Lepper Associates 

Vivienne Clore 

VSA Ltd 

Waring and McKenna 

Williamson and Holmes 


YAFTA (Yorkshire)

YOU Management 

Young Actors Theatre Management

If you are a comedian, dancer, or presenter….

Comedians, Dancers & Presenters

There are many talent agencies devoted to other types of performance, and you may find this is a more successful route to route if you have the aptitude and skills required to excel. 

A lot of London’s talent agencies represent many different creative professionals in addition to actors, but some focus exclusively on some of these other professions.

Examples are:

Chambers Management – comedy

AJK Agency – dancers, models, entertainers & acts

Alliston & Co. Artist Management – dancers, musical theatre performers & creatives

AMCK Management Ltd – dancers, choreographers, and creative directors

Becca Barr Management – presenters to experts, authors and content creators

Chase Personal Management – TV Presenters and actors

Classical Vision – musicians for TV, film and commercials

Love Rudeye Agency – dance agency

If you don’t have drama school training or Spotlight membership, some of these MAY consider you….

Talent Agencies in London

So now you’ve worked through the lists of cooperative active agencies, the talent agencies explicitly stating they only consider applications from those with drama school training and Spotlight profiles, the elite agencies for household names, the talent agencies recruiting youngsters for stage and screen, and the long list of PMA members, we now come to another list. This is one for the talent agencies not included in the lists above.

This one is complicated, and you’ll have to do your own work to see if, on the one hand, you’re up to the calibre of actors they represent, and on the other hand whether you think they’ll offer you the opportunities you’re looking for. 

Look at their roster, and the work their clients are doing. Remember, commercial work, voice acting, musical theatre, TV and film acting, and theatre are all specialisms which require particular looks, skills, experience and training.

Examples of some of the specialisms:

Cheryl Hayes Management represents performers with a comedy bent. 

Christina Shepherd Advertising focuses on actors for advertising and commercial work

Christopher Antony Associates specialise in musical theatre performers

Colour Pictures specialises in mainstream work for BAME performers

Do not assume any of these talent agencies are looking for beginners or are easy to get into. Some agencies, such as Mac & Jeal, are invitation only, and do not accept applications. 

Each of them will receive many applications a day, which is the reason you should never follow up with a phone call, email, or visit to the office. They need to spend their time getting work for the clients they already represent, not dealing with needy newcomers who may stand little chance of success in front of casting directors.


The Actors Management

Andrew Harding Management Ltd

Andrew Roach Talent Ltd

APM Associates

Apollo Artist Management

Ark Management

Artists Rights Group (ARG Talent)

Avalon Management Group Ltd

Belfield & Ward

Branded Talent (Commercial work only)

Broad International Management

Brown, Simcocks & Andrews

Burnett Crowther Ltd

CallBack Management

Chase Personal Management

Christina Beyer Personal Management

Cowley, Knox & Guy

Crawford Marriott Associates Ltd


Debbie Rimmer Management

DQ Management

Eadon Management

Elaine Murphy Associates

Emma Engers Associates Ltd

Eric Glass Ltd


Evolution Talent Ltd


Fletcher Associates

GDA Management

Genuine Arab Casting

Gilbert & Payne

Green & Underwood

Hall James Personal Management

Harris Agency Ltd

The Harter Allen Agency

HeadNod Talent Agency Ltd

International Artists Management

Isles Management

Jackie Nicholson Associates

Jaffrey Management Ltd

JDS Management – accepts entry level applications

Julie Fox Associates

KMC Agencies

Langford Associates Ltd

Lee Morgan Management

London Theatrical

Luke Gell Management Ltd – new and emerging talent

Mark Summers Management

Marlowes Agency

MGA Management & Casting

MLA Talent (Mike Leigh Associates)

Ordinary People

Oxford Adams Associates

Patrick Hambleton Management

Pemberton Associates Ltd

Peter Sheldrake Agency

Platinum Management

Polly’s Agency

Pregnant Pause Agency

Principal Artistes

RBM Actors Agency

Red Door Management

Regan Management

Rosalyn Bolton Management

Shane Collins Associates

Smile Casting Talent Agency

Stella Richards Management

Stopford Agency

TCG Artist Management Ltd

TMG London

Urban Collective Ltd

WGM Talent Agency

Williams Bulldog Management Ltd

Wise Buddah Talent

Wright & Murray Creative Management

1st Talent Agency

34 Talent Group

If you’re finding it hard to get acting work but want to work on set, try being an extra….


Don’t forget that you can also chase work as a background or supporting artiste, as long as you’re good with planning your diary and aware that work as an extra does not interest casting directors selecting actors.

To get paid work as a background or supporting artiste, you’ll need to get representation with an extras agency.

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