Acting Agencies in London

Acting Agencies in London

There are hundreds of acting agencies in London, the centre of the UK’s acting industry. Some are acting agencies for beginners, most focus on drama school graduates and experienced actors, and a few top acting agencies in London hold rosters full of household names and famous faces. If you’re looking for your first acting agent or considering an agency move, these agency summaries help save time by identifying those you want to research further.

Research and prepare

Before making an application to any acting agencies in London, first check which one is right for you. Your training, experience, age, looks and skills all determine which agency will phone you for a meeting and which ones will immediately press delete.

The top UK acting agencies in London represent household names with years of experience and proven success. Acting agencies looking for new talent often (but not always) focus on commercial work, which is a valuable source of income for performers. The boutique acting agencies in London with a focus on theatre, film and TV jobs usually require formal training.

All successful talent agencies in London are busy, and inundated with applications for representation from hopeful actors every day of the week.  Therefore, get your application absolutely right in every detail before you send the submission to the agency.

Apply at the time and method stipulated by the agency. If they want an actor’s showreel and headshot, you must include them even if you carefully create these yourself at home.

Then move on and don’t expect a reply. NEVER pester any agent for a reply because they WILL get in touch IF you potentially offer a good fit for their books.

Consider training at an accredited drama school in the UK. In addition to the skills and experience, you’ll also gain the chance to showcase your skills directly to invited talent agents and casting directors

Is the agency legit?

Reputable acting agencies earn their money from commission on the work they help you book. But competition is fierce for every agency spot, every role offered by casting directors no matter how small, and even for each place in the background crowd with the extras.

So learn the warning signs of scam agencies. Representation fees, excessive headshot costs and failure to pay money over for completed jobs occur too commonly. Treat every unsolicited approach from any agency with caution and question why they’re seeking clients that way. It may be because your latest theatre or screen performance caught someone’s attention, or your look fits a gap in their books, but that’s rare.

Acting Agencies – A

Acting Agencies In London

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A&J Artists

  • Children & Young Stage & Screen Performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Established in 1984 as A&J Management
  • Boutique agency 
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Located in Enfield (EN1 2HW)
  • Good agency to target if you a talented emerging actor looking for quality TV & film roles – but you’ll face high competition to get noticed and accepted by the agency
  • Screen International’s 2020 Stars of Tomorrow list included A&J’s Tanya Reynolds. The 2019 Stars of Tomorrow list included A&J performers Rose Williams, Vicky Knight and Dixie Egerickx. Dixie was also named on the BIFA most promising newcomer longlist.
  • On our list of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors
  • Head over to our separate article about A&J Artists


Spotlight registered agency based in Hatton Garden (EC1N 8JY) opened in 2012 to represent Actors, Dancers, Presenters, and Models. Unfortunately, no longer trading.


Listed on Spotlight Contacts with an address in Regent Street (W1B 2QD). No longer trading. (Actors Casting Agency isn’t ACA).

Access Artiste Management Ltd

  • Adult stage & screen performers and actor-musicians
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Spotlight registered agency opened two decades ago
  • “Small enough to know our talent personally, yet big enough to make things happen.”
  • Located in Bloomsbury Way (WC1A 2SL)
  • Represent Actors, Dancers, Singers, Actor-Musicians, Musical Directors, Choreographers, Directors, Composers, and Writers
  • Low commission and no upfront fees
  • Workshops and resources
  • Will only consider your application if:
    • You are a NEW graduate (or about to be) from a recognised Training School are in a performance soon; 
    • you have appeared in a MAJOR National tour or West End production; 
    • you have appeared in a MAJOR Television or Film production and submit link to footage; 
    • you are an Actor-Musician and play at least two instruments to a professional standard.

Actors Alliance

  • Adult stage & screen performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Actors’ co-operative agency
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Located in Oval, Kennington Park (SW9 6DE)
  • Established in 1976
  • Active Twitter feed @actorsalliance
  • Well designed ‘Join us – how to apply’ page
  • You must be a member of both Equity and Spotlight
  • You must live in London so you can be an active part of the agency, including a full day of work in the office each week
  • Submit recent publicity photos and details of an upcoming show

Actors’ Creative Team

  • Adult stage & screen performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Actors’ co-operative agency
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Located in Bloomsbury Street (WC1B 3QJ)
  • Established in 2001
  • Active Twitter feed @ActorsCreativeT
  • The Home Page announces when books are open and links to an information page for prospective applicants
  • You must already have a Spotlight page
  • Your look must not clash with existing agency members
  • You’ll have to work in the office three days a month and attend regular meetings

The Actors File

  • Actors’ co-operative agency
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Adult stage & screen performers
  • Spotlight registered
  • Located in Kennington Oval (SE11 5SW)
  • Established by a co-operative in 1983
  • Represents about 40 actors
  • All members work in the office one day a week and attend other business or show related events
  • Applications page with specific email address – don’t use general email or post
  • Books kept open, especially interested in BAME performers
  • Attach spotlight link plus covering letter – see website for details
  • Showreel, voice reel, theatre or TV upcoming appearances needed
  • But auditions also available as an alternative


  • Appears to be an agency for representing overseas actors 
  • Address in London
  • Listed on Spotlight Contacts
  • ActorsGarden Limited was incorporated as a business in March 2017 
  • Moved registered address to Edgware in Middlesex in July 2018 (HA8 7SG)
  • The website shows offices in Berlin, Istanbul and London (with the Duncan Street address) but all actors appeared to be German or Turkish
  • The active Facebook page doesn’t have any recent posts about British actors
  • The website and social media show lovely photos but no news stream about work

Actors International Ltd

  • Adult stage & screen performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Located in Soho (W1D 4EG) and Vienna
  • Founded in 2000 with new management in 2011
  • Now part of the Soho Film & Media Group
  • Sole agent for all UK work 
  • The website sets out terms and conditions clearly
  • Applications ONLY by email
  • You must be 
    • professionally trained
    • a member of both Equity 
    • and already registered with Spotlight
    • have up-to-date professional headshot
    • Professional showreel essential

The Actors Management

  • Adult stage & screen performers, plus drama students
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Founded 2012
  • Address in Islington (N1 7GU)
  • Most clients appear to be overseas
  • Active Twitter feed @theActorsM
  • Online application page

Actors World Production

Established in 1982 by Daniel Pageon and Sylvia Hensel, who had both worked for the BBC. Their specialised language consultancy was expanded in 2005 when Katherine Pageon joined to represent adult actors, child performers and voice artists.

Actorum Ltd

  • Adult stage & screen performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Actors’ co-operative agency co-ordinated by a Lead Agent
  • Located in Lambeth (SW9 6BG)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established 1974
  • Active Twitter feed @Actorum
  • Everyone contributes by earning commission or working one day a week in the office
  • Everyone attends monthly meetings
  • Applications via the specific (not general) email address on the website
  • Spotlight link and a covering letter required
  • Several meetings before representation offered

Advocate Agency Ltd

  • Adult stage & screen performers
  • Small number of child actors and young performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Registered in Bunhill Row (EC1Y 8UE) but the office is in Henham (CM22 6AQ)
  • Established in 2000 by Kelle Bryan
  • Busy Twitter feed @advocateagency
  • The agency only takes on performers already registered with Spotlight
  • If you’re interested in applying, first sign up to the newsletter and then attend a workshop
  • Only then should you submit your headshot, CV and showreel by email
  • A number of management packages are also sold by the agency – details and pricing are clearly set out on the website

AFA Associates

The Spotlight listed agency in Islington no longer has a website and all social media is out of date. Therefore, the conclusion that it has ceased trading.

AHA Talent Ltd

  • Adult stage & screen performers over the age of 16 living in the UK & Ireland
  • Also represents range of Creatives
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Located in Fitzrovia (W1T 1DD)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Launched as Amanda Howard Associates in 1996
  • Some of their clients have won Oliviers, BAFTAS, Comedy Awards, and Fringe Firsts
  • Busy Twitter feed @AHAactors
  • You can only apply if you are over 16, and based in the UK 
  • Apply ONLY by post, marking your envelope to the ‘Acting Department’, not individual agents
  • See the ‘contact’ page for the other material needed to support your application
  • Good agency to target if you a talented emerging actor looking for quality guest lead and supporting roles for example – but don’t underestimate the competition to get noticed and accepted by the agency

AIM Associated International Management LLP

  • Adult stage & screen performers 
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Represents established names and talent for Television, Theatre, Film and Commercial work, including household names 
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Located in Union Street (SE1 0LH)
  • Associated International Management was formed in 1984; the John Redway Group was incorporated in 1990
  • If you think you have the professional credits to back up your application, send your CV, photo and SAE to the agency office ONLY by post

AJK Agency

  • dancers, models, entertainers & acts
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • dance agency, entertainment agency and production company
  • Spotlight registered agent
  • Located in Holborn (WC1R 4RH)
  • Active Twitter feed @AJKAgency
  • Applications ONLY to the specified email address on the ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Must include CV, pictures & showreel link

AKM Talent Management

  • Boutique agency for actors, dancers, singers and young performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Work in TV, film, theatre, commercials, radio, light entertainment and cruise ships
  • Spotlight registered
  • Located in Holborn (WC1N 3AX)
  • Over 50 years industry experience
  • Active twitter feed @AkmTalent
  • Represents new, emerging and seasoned performers 
  • Apply via the email address on the ‘join us’ page
  • Attach your spotlight link, or attach your CV and headshot 

Chipping Barnet (EN5 5QJ) agency listed with Spotlight. But no working website or social media presence.

Alan Field Associates

Allen & Abel

  • Child actors & young performers (ages 4-30)
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • You must be based within a hour’s travel of London
  • Spotlight listed agency 
  • Based in Charlbert St, London NW8 7BU
  • On our List Of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors

Alliston & Co. Artist Management

  • Dancers, musical theatre performers & creatives
  • principle, ensemble and creative roles within West End Theatre, National and International Tours, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, Live Concerts, International Entertainment, Film and Commercial Television
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Located in Regent Street (W1B 3HH)
  • Applications ONLY via the email address specified on the website
  • Include your show reel, CV, current headshot, and details of upcoming performances
  • No active Facebook or Twitter feed
  • The website doesn’t have a new or client profile page

Allsorts Agency

The Allsorts agency with an address at Dock Road, Newham (E16 1AH) listed on Spotlight Contacts, appears to be a modelling agency. 

Allsorts Drama for Children

  • Theatre arts school for children and teenagers
  • Offers representation to its young students via Sasha Leslie Management
  • 34 Crediton Road, London, NW10 3DU
  • The website lists some of the major productions named children have worked on

Alpha Actors

  • Professional adult stage and screen performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established 1983 as an actors’ co-operative
  • Spotlight Contacts address in Bradbury Street in Hackney (N16 8JN) but the website states address is Woodberry Down (N4 2TG)
  • All actors represented are members of both Spotlight and Equity
  • Active Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter feed @AlphaActors
  • The ‘Contact us’ page states whether the books are open and which types of actor they need to fill gaps in the roster
  • Write or email your CV, headshots etc and details of any upcoming performance

Alphabet Kidz / Alphabet Agency

  • Alphabet Kidz represents children, Alphabet Agency represents teenagers
  • TV, Films, Commercials, Voiceovers and Photographic bookings
  • Established in 2003
  • Located in Sylvan Grove (SE15 1PD)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • On our List Of 20 Reputable UK Agencies For Child Actors
  • Twitter feed at @alphabet_kidz
  • See our separate article about this agency

Amanda Sarosi Associates

  • Represents Spotlight registered adult stage & screen performers
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Located in Holmbury View (E5 9EG)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Has been operating at least since 2007
  • No social media presence for the agency but page of clients with links to Spotlight profiles
  • Easy to find professional actors represented by them

Amazon Artists Management

  • Represent adult performers and child actors
  • (no supporting artist/extras)
  • Located in Edmonton (N18 2JY)
  • Spotlight registered
  • Application by email stated on website
  • No news page or social media presence 
  • But Spotlight profiles and twitter feeds of actors show they are represented by the agency

AMCK Management Ltd

AMCK Agency represents dancers, choreographers, and creative directors. AMCK Models represents male models exclusively. No actors or supporting artists.

The American Agency

  • Most represented actors have either a native North American accent or one to a native Standard.  
  • Additionally, the roster includes native British, Australian and Irish accents
  • French, German and Spanish speakers are also represented by the agency
  • Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials, Corporates/ Industrials & Voiceovers
  • Located in Bonny Street (NW1 9PG)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established 2001 by Ed Cobb
  • Applications by email and post, must include Spotlight link
  • Emailed photos must be less than 100kb

AMG (Alignment Management Group Ltd)

Company created January 2018 by Daniel Witney (previously at Imperium Management) who also set up young performers’ agency Nexgen Talent Ltd @NexGenLondon the same month

The website for commercial talent agency Sonder Talent (est 2018) says they are closely aligned with AMG.

No social media presence and the website news page last updated in 2018.

ANA (Actors Network Agency)

ANA, or the Actors Network Agency, is an actors’ co-operative agency located in Lambeth Walk (SE11 6DX). The Spotlight registered agency was established back in 1985 and represents about 40 actors.

ANA has social media profiles on Istagram /anaactors/ and Twitter @anaactors.

The website has a nice feature where you can hover over a headshot and find out key information about the actor.

You should make your application by email, using the email address on the website. Link to your CV, headshot, and showreels. Also submit show invitations and a short covering letter detailing why you think you’re right for ANA.

Anderson Cavendish Management (ACM)

  • Located in Weston Street (SE1 3QD)
  • Spotlight registered agency
  • Established November 2016 as an actors’ co-operative, but closed during Covid-19 pandemic
  • Phoenix Actors Management rose from the ashes

Andrew Harding Management Ltd

Boutique theatrical agency Andrew Harding Management Ltd specialises in musical theatre and TV commercials.

The Spotlight registered agency is located in Covent Garden (WC2H 9JQ). It was established by experienced performer and producer Andrew Harding.Andrew Harding Management is on social media at Twitter feed (@AHM_agency), Facebook and Instagram. Also see the active website news page on the agency website.

Andrew Roach Talent Ltd

Andrew Roach Talent is a Spotlight registered agency located in Camden (WC1B 3RA). The Select roster includes actors, comedians, presenters, writers, and high profile performers living with disability.

The busy Twitter feed is at @andrewrtalent.

Applications for representation should be made to Andrew Roach Talent by email, via the email address on the agency website. Remember to attach links to a CV and preferably links to a performance clip or showreel.

Angel & Francis Ltd

The late Susan Angel started her talent agency back in 1976. She was joined by Kevin Francis in 1989, with the agency name changing to Angel & Francis.

Located in Soho (W1F 8DU), the Spotlight registered agency represents a select number of actors in films, television, theatre, commercials and musical theatre, plus several major Casting Directors.

Follow the agency’s Twitter feed @AngelFrancisLtd to hear their latest news.

You’ll normally need an impressive CV to get considered by Angel & Francis. To apply, send links to your CV, headshot, showreel etc via the dedicated email address listed on the contact page. Alternatively, you may send physical copies by post.

APM Associates

Based at Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood (WD6 1JG) APM Associates represents UK & international actors, musicians, voice artists and musical theatre performers in film, television and theatre. The Spotlight registered agency was established by Linda French in 1989.

The agency has a busy Twitter feed @apmassociates.

You can apply via email or by post, using the details on the ‘Contact’ page.

Include your CV, headshot, and showreel (where applicable). Make sure the envelope or the title of the email is marked ‘Representation’.

Apollo Artist Management

Appllo Artist Management is an established Spotlight registered agency located in Duncannon Street (WC2N 4JF). 

The busy Twitter feed @ApolloArtistMgt highlights news and work by the agency’s actors and musical theatre performers.

If you want to apply to Apollo Artist Management, do so by email. Use the correct email address on the ‘Contact’ page. Follow the instructions carefully so you provide all necessary links.

Arcadia Associates

Sadly this agency is no longer trading.

Arena Personal Management Ltd

Arena Personal Management is an actors’ co-operative based in Sutton (SM1 2QW). The Spotlight registered agency was established in 1985 to represent London based actors for professional work in theatre, film, television and radio.

Their active Twitter feed is at @ArenaPMLtd.

Members of the agency start as a Client member. Later, you can earn lower commission rates by working in the office one day a week as a Working member.

If you’re interested in joining the co-operative agency, head over to the website. Read the ‘join’ page, which shows which gaps in their roster they are looking to fill.

Also, note they have a no clash policy to avoid internal competition for roles. So check their roster to see if you’d have the same role ‘type’ as an existing member.

After carefully doing these checks and reading the FAQ page, you can apply by post or email. Follow the instructions on the ‘join’ page.

ARG Talent

ARG (Artists Rights Group Ltd) Talent is a Spotlight registered agency located in Exmoor Street (W10 6BD). In 2012 ARG became part of Avalon Entertainment Ltd.

The ARG team of agents includes Sue Latimer, MD (formerly William Morris and Head of Talent at Curtis Brown), Claire Comiskey and Tiffany Gordon.

The roster of highly successful performers includes household names . Since it’s an elite agency, your application is most likely to succeed when you’ve won industry awards or are stopped in the street by fans. This is not an acting agency for beginners.

All submissions for representation must be made by post only, no emails. Include an SAE if you want your material returned.

Ark Management

The Spotlight registered agency Ark Management is located in Covent Garden (WC2H 9JQ).

There’s a busy Facebook page and Twitter feed @ArkMgmt which shows the agency’s actors and creatives busy working.

If you’re interested in representation with Ark Management, head over to the contact details on the website.

During 2020, as the industry struggled to make it through the ravages of the covid pandemic, Ark Management closed their books to anyone already represented by another agency.

 “At this most difficult time for agents and agencies, we do not feel it is ethical to sign clients who are being cared for by other agencies who are doing their utmost best to survive. We stand by our agent colleagues, and we want to do everything we can to support them”.  

Sheri Copeland, Ark Management – Twitter, 2020

The Artists Partnership

The Artists Partnership is a Spotlight registered agency located in Soho (W1B 5NE). 

The agency represents adults for work as actors, writers, and voice over artists. Clients can choose to be represented only for voice over and commercial work.

They have a busy Twitter feed @TheAPartnership.

Annalisa Gordon from The Artists Partnership has a Q&A with Spotlight which gives useful insight into how to approach an agent.

Carefully read the FAQ page for instructions about applying, because they are different according to your chosen area of work.

An elite agency, your application is most likely to succeed when you’ve won industry awards or are stopped in the street by fans. This is not an agency for unknown beginners.

Asquith & Horner

Unfortunately, this agency in Bromley (BR1 3NS) is no longer trading.

Austin Talent

Unfortunately the website for the City Road agency Austin Talent is no longer live.

Avalon Management Group Ltd

Part of Avalon Entertainment Limited, Avalon Management Group Ltd is located in Beverly Hills, New York, and London’s Exmoor Road (W10 6BD). ARG is a group subsidiary. The group represents actors, comedians, presenters, writers and live promotion, runs production companies Avalon and Topical Television, as well as Avalon Distribution. The business is not targeted at inexperienced talent and does not set out application instructions.

The Avenue Literary & Talent Management

Unfortunately Mayfair based agency The Avenue Literary & Talent Management ceased trading in 2018.

AXM (Actors Exchange Management)

AXM is an actors’ co-operative which represents about 25 actors. Located in Bermondsey (SE16 4DG), the Spotlight registered agency has an active Twitter feed @AXMgt.

The agency website has a good ‘join us’ page setting out their policies and current requirements.

Only apply to AXM if you have a showreel or are about to perform in the London area.

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