1984 Personal Management Ltd

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1984 Personal Management Ltd is an actors’ co-op agency in London, representing and managed by professional UK actors.

1984 Personal Management Ltd is a co-op agency based in Clerkenwell, London.

The agency represents actors for paid work. The performers have all trained professionally, and are registered with Spotlight.

It is a co-operative agency, which means the actors also work in the agency’s office. They don’t receive payment, but are committed to a set number of hours each week or month according to the acting co-operative’s contract.

Everyone works around auditions, rehearsal schedules, and paid acting work.

A Small Roster

1984 Personal Management was establised in, you guessed it, 1984. It’s rare for an agency to last forty years and is a testament to its success.

A small roster of carefully chosen co-op members has helped secured the agency’s longevity.

Potential applicants are considered on the basis of their acting talent, training, and experience. Just as importantly, the applicant’s personal qualities are important to the agency, because they must become a reliable and competent team player in running the agency.

Office Work

Agency co-operatives, which are run by their members for their members, set their terms under which everyone agrees to be bound.

1984 Personal Management requires all their agency members to work in the office one day a week.

There is also a weekly meeting.


Before applying, check the agency’s current roster.

If there’s someone similar to you, who is the same casting type and therefore would be up against you for the same roles, it’s not a good fit. Agencies are trying to get their clients seen by casting directors in an intensely competitive industry, so don’t want to introduce competition between their own clients too.

Secondly, check that you meet the agency’s requirements. That means you have been professionally trained as a performer, and are registered on Spotlight.

Spotlight is the premier casting website used in the UK for top quality stage and screen roles. It has strict requirements about who can join.

Thirdly, check you are willing and able to do regular duties in the London based office. That means living in, or very close to, London. You must be literate, able to use a computer, have good personal skills for phone calls, and, above all, reliable.

You can apply for representation with 1984 Personal Management via email or post.

You must include

  • Photos
  • CV
  • Spotlight link
  • A letter explaining why you’d be a good member of the co-op

If you’re sending an email, remember to reduce the size of the photos. If you don’t, the agency’s inbox is very likely to delete your email without anyone seeing it.