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Hashtag Talent Agency is run by two mums who know first hand what the industry expects from child actors and their families. The agency seeks work for young performers up to the age of 25.

Hashtag Talent Agency On Social Media

You can find Hashtage Talent Agency on Facebook and Twitter. 

A number of parents have left very positive recommendations on the Facebook page.

In their social media feed, you will notice a large number of castings compared to booked work – this is entirely normal. There are hundreds or even thousands of actors submitted for each role. A small selection will be seen in the casting room, and only one will bag the job. It is a good reminder of the resilience and patience both you and your child will need to have.

Who Does Hashtag Talent Agency Represent?

Hashtag Talent Agency represents young models and child actors from the ages of 0 to 25. They also represent families.

When they opened as Hashtag Model Management in March 2016, the focus was on modelling work. Since then they have expanded the range of work taken on and changed the agency’s name to reflect this. Today, their represented babies, children and young adults are submitted for work in modelling, film, tv, commercials, the theatre and voice acting. They have been involved in a wide range of projects filmed in the UK and abroad. Further details are available on the Hashtag Talent Agency website.

The Hashtag Talent Agency Website

The agency’s website is well laid out and easy to navigate. It has a nice personal touch and leaves the viewer assured that owners Annie and Tracey are there to help. As mums with years of experience helping their own children through the casting process, they know what information and support their represented actors and families need.

The website also contains a lot of information about the casting process which families should read before making an application. Once your child is represented, you have committed you and your child to the demands of the industry. You cannot pick and chose what you do or don’t want to do.

Hashtag Talent Agency is A Sole Agency

A sole agency is one that will represent you as the sole agent, so you cannot hedge your bets by also signing up with another agency. This is entirely sensible because you should have one agent working very hard for you without any danger than another agent is submitting you for the same work or for a different casting on the same day.

There are two important exceptions to this. Hashtag Talent Agency will allow you to join a separate extras agency, or a separate adult modelling agency. Also, those registered as families can discuss the sole agency condition.

Hashtag Talent Agency allows the children and young people it represents to secure unpaid and low paid (under £50) work themselves. But you must tell the agency about this work to avoid conflicts with submissions or dates for better-paid work. This is an excellent solution to a dilemma many young actors face. Working on microbudget projects is good experience and may result in showreel or credits which help secure future work, but sometimes agencies see it as a conflict to sole agency work.

The Costs Of Representation

Hashtag Talent Agency does not charge a joining fee. However, a £50 administration fee will be deducted when payment is made for the first job.

You will also need to pay the annual Spotlight fee and a £10 administration fee to the agency to keep your Spotlight profile up to date. A number of casting sites operate in the UK but Spotlight is seen as the one to include the most prestigious work. Furthermore, you need an agent to join Spotlight as a child actor and access the work there.

It is normal industry practice for parents to pay for a child actor’s headshots. These must be updated at least once a year so casting directors see the same child they chose from the photographs.

Once your child has completed a job, the agency will take a commission from the payment before transferring the balance to your child’s account. This is normal industry practice and how agencies cover their many costs.

Hashtag Talent Agency charges 25% commission for film, corporate, commercial and modelling work. The commission for theatre work is 15%.

How To Apply To Hashtag Talent Agency

Hashtag Talent Agency received hundreds of applications each week. So make sure your application is complete and includes everything they need to see in one click. You should only send an email to the address provided on their website. Do not post an application.

You must include your child’s full name and date of birth. State your location and give a contact number that you can answer throughout the day.

Give a brief introduction to your child. Do they have any relevant experience? What kind of personality do they have? Can they play a musical instrument, skateboard like a pro or have any other skills or talents that a casting director would be interested in?

Finally, include a very specific set of photographs. Three close up images and one full-length image must each be clear and in focus. Each must show your child without sunglasses, hats or makeup. They must give a realistic idea of your child’s current appearance. Very importantly, each shot must be smaller than 1MB.

If the agency thinks your child is of interest, they will ask for a self-tape within 21 days.

Getting An Agent Is the First Hurdle

Hashtag Talent Agency will agree to represent your child if they think there is a realistic chance your child will secure work in the industry. It represents an important first step. But only then does the hard work start.

Organise the portfolio and headshots quickly. You must consistently and effectively manage your child’s diary at all times; the agency cannot submit your child for castings or work on days you are unavailable. You need to arrange time off from school and accompany your child into central London with twenty-four hours notice. And manage your finances so you can afford to do this regularly. Drop everything to complete and return Child Licence Forms the same day as the request.

Your life will involve keeping your children away from illness and accidents as far as possible. A change of haircut means a new set of headshots. Emotionally, you need to cope with silence after castings; watching other children get the role; and supporting your child through their own impatience and disappointment.

We covered these issues in our article about how to become a child actor.

Tracy and Annie at Hashtag Talent know what the life of a child actor’s family really involves. And that’s a real benefit.