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Collective Agents is a London based talent agency representing actors and creatives for work in film, television, theatre, musical theatre, voice over and commercials.

Reflecting the broad and international nature of the entertainment industry, Collective Agents has partnered with 

  • Voice Over Agency Damn Good Voices
  • Saks& Talent Management (New York & LA)
  • Ian White Management (Australia)

Collective Agents is a member of the PMA (Personal Managers’ Association), a London based membership organisation encouraging good practice among agents who represent actors, writers and directors working in film, television, theatre and radio.

Contact Details


Collective Agents, 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR


020 8125 7830



Seeking Representation?

If you want Collective Agents to consider representing you, send an email to:

You must include:

  • Cover letter
  • Showreel link
  • Link to your Spotlight profile

Collective Agents Founders

Collective Agents was launched on 1st July 2020, when three experienced talent agency owners joined forces to create a new larger and stronger agency during a time of exceptional crisis in the industry.


Bo set up the Boland and Reeve talent agency in 2011, having worked as a Director and Performing Arts Teacher around the UK and Europe.

A co-owner, Director and Agent of Collective Agents,  Bo is head of the TV & Film division.

Simon Mayhew

Experienced musical theatre performer Simon Mayhew established the Oxford Adams talent agency in 2013.

A co-owner, Director and Agent of Collective Agents, Simon Mayhew is head of the Musical Theatre division

John Rogerson

John Rogerson entered artist management in 2009, working for West End agency Belfield and Ward and Bronia Buchanan Associates, before co-founding The Soundcheck Agency within music PR firm Soundcheck Entertainment in 2013.

A co-owner, Director and Agent of Collective Agents, John Rogerson is head of the Creatives division.

Agency Team

Collective Agents Directors are supported by Agents Natalie Smith and Josie Rollin, and Agents’ Assistant Amy.

Collective Agents Clients

Actors and performers represented by Collective Agents include Tina O’Brian (known for playing Sarah Platt in Coronation Street), Priya Davdra (Known for playing Iqra Ahmed in Eastenders), and Joshua Talbot (in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at London West End’s Palace Theatre), plus many more busy performers in top rated stage shows and movies.

Collective Agents client Tina O’Brien has played Sarah Platt in Coronation Street for several years. Here she is talking on TV chat show Lorraine.

The agency also represents a wide range of creatives, including Fight Director Alex Payne, Movement and Puppetry Director Phoebe Hyder, Choreographer Carols Pons, Writer and Composer Barb Jungr, Lighting Designer Anthony Doran, Sound Designer Nico Menghini, Set and Costume Designer Stewart J Charlesworth, and Director Katherine Hare.