Facebook Groups To Join: UK Actors & Filmmakers

Search our extensive list of film and acting related Facebook Groups.  There are private and public groups to join for freelancers, professionals, and amateurs separately and combined, regardless of your experience or specialism in acting and filmmaking. Because many people will be asking ‘ How do I find Filmmaking Groups near me?’, we’ve organised our…

What Does A Casting Director Do?

Casting directors determine your success in the acting profession more than any other individual. They decide which potential actors get invited to the casting session, and then which ones to recommend to the director and producer. So it’s worth spending time understanding their role and profession if you’re looking for acting jobs.

Casting Websites For UK Actors

Casting websites are the acting sites which help performers find auditions for acting jobs. This page look at why you need to sign up for some of them, suggests the best audition sites for actors in the UK, and why free audition sites are don’t get you far.