1940s Hair and Makeup

1940s hair & makeup advice & tutorial

The 1940s is a popular era for filmmakers, so if you are a makeup artist for short films, the chances are high that you’ll be recreating this period look with 1940s hair and makeup styles. Read on to find out more about the decade of war and austerity, the New Look, and the reasons why … Read more

Ad Lib: Definition & Examples of Ad Libbing

What's an ad lib? Ad lib in acting

You’re trying to get into acting without drama school and someone mentions ad libbed scenes. ‘What’s an ad lib?’ you ask yourself, trying not to let your panic show. Fear not, it just means saying words which haven’t been scripted. But read on for examples, learn why ad lib in acting is useful, and discover … Read more

Drama School & Actor Training To Start An Acting Career

drama school & actor training start an acting career

It’s possible for young and mature adults to become an actor without drama school. And there are plenty of working child actors and teenage actors who don’t attend full time stage schools. But while actor qualifications aren’t essential to access talent agents and casting directors, acting training is an investment in your career which you … Read more

How To Get Into Acting Without Drama School

how to get into acting without drama school

Getting into acting without training from an accredited drama school is no easy matter, but it can be done. If you’re wondering how to get into acting without drama school, there are plenty of things you can do to launch your career as a professional actor. But take note – you’ll have to discover your … Read more

How To Sell Your Story To Netflix

sell your story to Netflix

Selling your story or idea to Netflix, or even getting your completed feature film accepted onto the international streaming platform, is no easy feat. Unless you find a good literary agent or are an industry player with motivation and perseverance, your options to sell your story to Netflix are seriously limited. Netflix buys well developed … Read more

PD Management: London Talent Agency For Kids

PD Management London Talent Agency for kids

PD Management is a London-based talent agency representing talented child actors and musical theatre performers, from 4 to 18 years old. Acceptance is via audition only. From there the youngsters are registered on Spotlight and submitted for work in  theatre, TV, film and commercial work. It’s a long standing and genuine talent agency for kids, … Read more

How To Write A Music Video For YouTube

How to write a music video for youtube

Are you in a new band looking to create a music video for one of your tracks? Or a new filmmaker wondering if music video production is for you? The first thing you must do is learn is how to write a music video, before you go anywhere near a camera. Without this essential planning … Read more

Baby Modelling Agencies UK

Baby modelling agencies in london and manchester

Baby modelling agencies can find modelling work for your baby or toddler. Watch out for the costs and scam agencies though! In our article about Modelling for Babies and Toddlers, we explained why it’s your infant’s temperament as much of their looks which makes them suitable (or not) for baby and toddler casting calls. Then … Read more

Modelling For Babies & Toddlers

modelling for babies, toddler modelling

Modelling for babies and toddlers sounds glamorous and well paid, but the reality can be hard on parents. Baby and toddler models are needed throughout the year to help sell products and services on TV, websites and magazines. For the lucky few, it’s a lucrative head start for young adulthood later on. And for those … Read more

Acting Agencies In London

Acting Agencies in London in the UK

There are so many talent and acting agencies in London that we created dozens of pages about them.  On this page we’ve listed the acting agencies in London. Use it to click through to the alphabetical pages, where you’ll find a key point summary of each listed agency. Always research and prepare Before making an … Read more