Mark Jermin Management

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Mark Jermin Management

Mark Jermin Management is one of the country’s largest Talent Agents. They represent both children and adults from across the UK.

Who Is Mark Jermin?

Mark Jermin has always been passionate about the performing arts. He attended the University of Glamorgan and achieved a degree in Drama and Media, before studying Direction at the Royal Welsh College of Drama and Music.

After graduation Mark spent the next five years working for the Ravenscourt Theatre School and Agency in London. It gave him both an insight into how stage schools and agencies work, but also a network of industry contacts.

In 1992 he set up the Mark Jermin Stage school, and incorporated it into a registered company in 2001. The stage school continues to operate today at 14 locations, offering a wide range of classes and holiday courses open to anyone who want to sign up. They sometimes hold workshops with casting directors, which are very popular and fill up fast.

The Mark Jermin Management agency was incorporated in 2006, to represent both children and adults. All children attending the stage school can join if they wish. Plus, the agency considers applications from around the UK.

In 2010 Mark added a second base to the Mark Jermin Management agency, in London.

“I like helping and nurturing kids and the best part of my job as an agent is to ring one of them to tell them they’ve got a job.”

Mark Jermin, speaking to Wales Online in 2010

2013 saw the start of Mark Jermin Productions. The stage shows and pantomimes, which receive good reviews, provide opportunities for Mark Jermin actors to perform. In addition, the company hires out scenery and stage sets, and can provide behind the scenes staff to any production.

The team at Mark Jermin includes his mum Yvonne, trained and experienced West End performer sister Nia, and former pupils of his stage school.

Where Is Mark Jermin Management Based?

The Head Office for Mark Jermin’s companies is based at the University of Wales Trinity St Davids in Swansea. This is where all requests for representation by post and email from around the UK receive consideration.

The office opens at 9.30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. This includes throughout the school holidays.

Mark and his team make regular scouting trips around the UK. Showcase events at drama schools are a good way for the team to spot trained talent. In addition, they hold London based agency assessment workshops for children who are interested in Mark Jermin Management representation.

Mark Jermin Websites

Mark Jermin has a separate website for the Mark Jermin Stage School and Mark Jermin Management. Jermin Productions also have their own dedicated website.

The Mark Jermin Management website has a clear (and sensible) divide between adult and child performers. Further filtering is possible, through all, male, female, northern, Welsh and Midlands.

You can see a picture and the name of each performer represented by the agency. Cicking into the profile, you can see further information about their physical characteristics. In addition, you have the option to click through to their Spotlight link or to download their CV.

Mark Jermin Opportunities

Mark Jermin actors are submitted for, and regularly receive work, in the following areas:

  • Film
  • TV
  • Theatre
  • Commercial
  • Radio
  • Voiceover
  • Presenting Work

Most of this work occurs in the UK. However, their performers often fly to assignments internationally after casting in the UK.

Mark Jermin Supporting Artists

Both adults and children represented by Mark Jermin can be submitted for supporting artist work. This is also called Extra work.

Although it isn’t well paid and doesn’t do much for your acting CV, it is fun to get on set and happens without the hassle of auditions.

Adults who want to work on set with children must have a valid DBS certificate, including extras.

Licensing And Chaperones

Children are in licensing age until the last Friday of June following their 16th birthday. Licensed chaperones – or the parents of the child – are the ONLY authorised adults permitted to supervise the child.

Mark Jermin has a rosta of licensed chaperones. As demand often exceeds supply – especially for experienced and reliable licensed chaperones – the agency sometimes makes social media announcements about requiring new chaperones.

Mark Jermin Management On Social Media

Mark Jermin Management have an active Facebook account and Twitter account. They have more than five thousand likes and follows on each platform.

If you are considering representation with Mark Jermin Management, you should follow these accounts. They show the range and regularity of work their performers secure. Plus, you get to assess the look of working actors and consider whether you will be facing internal competition in the agency.

Furthermore, the social media accounts let you know when assessment workshops and other events are about to happen.

Seeking Representation With Mark Jermin

Firstly, make sure you have the money, time and organsiation to cope with Spotlight registration, headshots, training and audition travelling costs. You can find out more about the commitments you are taking on in our article How To Become A Child Actor.

If you want Mark Jermin to represent you, there are three ways to apply.

  1. Complete the online boxes in the ‘Contact Us’ section of their website. Get your headshot and CV (including Spotlight or Mandy link) ready before you start this;
  2. Email the agency directly, using the same information required on the Contact Us form;
  3. Post your headshot, CV and required information to the Mark Jermin address in Swansea. If you want these returned to you, include a stamped, addressed envelope.

Do NOT phone the agency asking for representation or why you haven’t been accepted. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Agencies are busy and must concentrate on securing work for their performers.

Your good, clear headshot must truly reflect the physical appearance of the person who would walk into the room.

Every agent is inundated by requests for representation. So do not expect your application to even be considered unless you put the effort into getting it right first.

Sometimes assessment workshops are organised in London, and aspiring young actors are invited to apply for a place. As soon as you are aware of this, make an application quickly and to a high standard.

If Mark Jermin thinks you have a chance of finding work in the industry, they will call or email you to progress your application.

Reviews Of Mark Jermin Management

The agency has been successfully running for a number of years and as you can see from its social media presence, does get represented performers into work. Therefore, Mark Jermin Management was one of the clear choices for our list of 20 Reputable UK Agencies for Child Actors.

But you will come across occasional online comments about people leaving the agency or preferring others. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the nature of the industry means some actors are a natural hit with Casting Directors. Meanwhile, other photos and profiles fail to attract notice in every casting selection. You know it’s not a question of the agency having a bad track record. Otherwise, the stream of high-quality jobs given to their performers wouldn’t exist. It’s just a case that lots of actors have the right look, age, height, skills, talent and experience for each brief, and casting directors are wading through thousands of submissions.

Naturally, the performers who get work are very happy with the agency, and the ones who don’t aren’t.

Secondly, it’s a big agency with a lot of actors to represent. That can worry some people as they wonder about internal competition, and intimidates others who worry about ringing up to ask questions. Boutique agencies are a better fit for some actors and parents, who want to feel that their agency is working for a select list of represented performers.

With all agencies, a quick check can assess if your child does have an issue with internal competition. Ask your agent to provide a list of work you or your child has been submitted for. It’s an easy way to check whether your child has just been unluckily overlooked by casting directors. If your child doesn’t have a submissions history or it’s sparse THEN start asking questions.