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Casting Directors UK: List, Socials and Contact Information for Casting Directors with a surname beginning with K

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Rob Kelly

Anna Kennedy

Beverley Keogh

Louise Kiely

Sophie Kingston-Smith

Kirsty Kinnear

Suzy Korel

Rob Kelly

Actor and dancer Rob Kelly founded and ran talent agency RKA Talent in London before becoming a Casting Director.

Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG) and Casting Society of America (CSA), Rob’s credits include popular kids TV series Hank Zipzer, Jamie Johnson, and Malory Towers, action sci-fi TV series Pandora and Sky original drama Bulletproof.

Anna Kennedy

Member of the Casting Directors’ Association (CDA), London-based Anna Kennedy casts projects for Film, TV, Theatre and Commercials.

Anna Kennedy’s extensive list of credits include horrors films Amulet (2020) and Slumber (2017), comedy horror Double Date (2017) and TV series The Midnight Beast.

Anna Kennedy Casting


Contact :

Twitter: @annakennedycast

IMDb: Anna Kennedy

Showreel Advice

In this video from June 2020, casting directors Anna Kennedy, Ali Fearnley and Rosie Pearson talk about how actors can make a good acting showreel, including what they look for and what they don’t want to see.

CDA – Casting Directors Association on YouTube: CDA Q&A Session on Showreels

Beverley Keogh, Casting Director

Manchester based Casting Director Beverley Keogh and her team, which includes Head of Commercial Casting Michael Jackson, has worked with top directors, producers and actors for many years.

Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG) with an extensive list of screen credits, Beverley’s recent casting work includes award winning TV series Gentleman Jack and TV mini-series Butterfly, and hit shows Ackley Bridge and Last Tango in Halifax.

Louise Kiely, Casting Director

Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), Casting Society of America (CSA), Irish Film and Television Academy and Awards (IFTA) and British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Irish Casting Director Louise Kiely has cast over a hundred screen productions.

Her screen casting credits include TV Series The Deceived and Normal People, feature films I Kill Giants (2017), Sing Street (2016), The Lobster (2015), and Love, Rosie (2014).

Sophie Kingston-Smith

Probationary Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG), Sophie Kingston-Smith built up a wide range of industry experience in video and audio production, talent management, and extras casting, before embarking on her successful casting career. 

Her casting experience includes both theatre and screen, and she’s learnt her profession from Gabrielle Dawes, Karen Lindsay Stewart, Lucinda Syson, Alex Johnson and Kharmel Cochrane, amongst others.

Sophie Kingston-Smith started working with Rose Wicksteed Casting in 2016, becoming Casting Associate the following year. Since then she’s been delivering regular acting workshops, and taken her first steps to casting her own projects.

Sophie Kingston-Smith’s credits as Casting Associate include TV series Genius, Beecham House, Homeland, The Great, and Invasion.

Kirsty Kinnear

London based Casting Director Kirsty Kinnear is a member of the Casting Director’s Guild (CDG) and BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

She’s closely related to several successful actors, but started in the industry working for a reputable London talent agency before moving into the casting profession. 

With experience as a Casting Associate to Kate Dowd, before Kirsty then joined Susie Figgis.

As Casting Associate, Kirsty’s credits include feature films The Kite Runner (2007), Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017), and Bohemian Rhapsody (2018). She’s also worked on a number of TV series and Mini-series, and has more than a dozen credits as Casting Director.

Suzy Korel

Full Member of The Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG) and the Casting Directors’ Association (CDA), veteran Casting Director Suzy Korel casts for theatre, film, TV and commercial projects. 

The 2016 feature film she cast, A Reason to Leave, picked up several awards.

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